Thursday, May 19, 2011

Will the Real Killer B's Please Stand Up?

Perhaps the best thing about the Los Angeles Lakers being eliminated from the playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks is the respite from hearing ESPN or TNT refer to the purple and gold bench as the "Killer B's."

Steve Blake, Matt Barnes, and Shannon Brown? Really? I winced each time a TV announcer referred to these three scrubs as the "Killer B's" because it was a slap in the face to the original bees from the Houston Astros.

Granted, of the four pictured above, only two -- Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio -- were part of the original Killer B's with Derek Bell and Sean Berry, but my point should be clear. The Killer B's were two future hall-of-famers and two above-average baseball players, not 3 journeymen basketball players lucky enough to still have a spot on an NBA rotation.

On a somewhat relevant tangent, earlier this week, Houston Astros owner Drayton McLane announced that he had agreed to sell the team to a group led by businessman Jim Crane for $680 million. Either McLane could sell ice to an eskimo, or I want to try whatever Crane was smoking. For a point of reference, $680 million would be the second-highest price in major league history if it is approved. And yes, we are talking about the Houston Astros. This is the team that has killed its farm system in the past decade by trading away its young talent for old, washed-up veterans. This is the team that has not been relevant to MLB since 2005. This is the team that sports more empty seats than a university during spring break.

All in all, I suppose Bill Simmons tweeted it best:

If you could spend $680 million on something, would "buying the Houston Astros" crack the top-10,000 on your wishlist?



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