Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fantasy Fantasies - Thursday May 26

Phillies over the Reds in a ridiculous game that went 19 innings!! Wilson Valdez with the win, not sure if that counts in Fantasy, it should though! I wish they counted pitchers with hitting stats...but I digress, today's Cash and Trash goodies:


Mike Morse: 3 straight games with home runs, you would be silly not to pick him up. LaRoche is done
Lucroy/Arencibia/Salty: Unless you have a top catcher (still debating if there is value to having a top catcher), just add and drop this position based on who is hot
Jon Jay/Allen Craig: It seems like the Cards have a never ending stream of OFs that just always contribute, but La Russa still hates saves
Randy Wells: If you need a spot start this weekend, Wells is coming back on Sat to pitch vs. the Pirates, could be really good or plain awful, use with caution
Aaron Crow: For those of you in Roto leagues, Middle Relievers are a great source of Ks, WHIP, and ERA help so if you can't find any good waiver starts, consider picking up two solid MRs. Guys to consider include Adams, Crow, Venters, Dunn, Pauley, and Romo.


Narveson: Did anyone really think this would last?
Arroyo: Can't remember last time he was good
Napoli: Not sure if Ron Washington just hates him, not getting any ABs
Maybin: Sigh, what a tease
Brian Roberts: I think the guy is done, he could have been done a few years ago, I'm not really sure because he's on the O's.

Let's pour out some liquor for De La Rosa, and even more fatal for some fantasy teams because he was drafted so high, Buster Posey. It hurts.


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