Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Help Me, Help You

We all remember that memorable scene in Jerry Maguire. No, not that one, you hopeless romantics -- I'm not talking about anyone having anyone at "hello."

I'm talking about the bathroom scene, where Jerry is pleading with Rod Tidwell, "HELP ME, HELP YOU." And of course, he follows up this classic line with a Tom Cruise-worthy breakdown, kicking the wall and breaking his toe (true story).
But that is what this page is all about. Help me, help you. I love sports betting for two reasons:
1) it makes seemingly meaningless, boring games suddenly significant and intriguing; and
2) it affirms the fact that my wealth of sports knowledge is not a complete waste of brain space.

All of this is not to say that I am a complete expert when it comes to sports betting. My only credential for this job position is my BetUS account, which I've been able to increase from a $75 beginning balance near the end of football season to $300+ through $5 weekly bets. I would classify myself as a casual sports bettor -- I'll bet a small amount of coin on a consistent basis, but you won't see me risking my life savings betting on a Rockets championship. However, I guarantee that I have a vested interest in each pick that I post onto the Side Bet Sidebar, so you know I'm not just picking blindly either.

Anyway, I'll have a running tally of how my picks do, starting today, and hopefully these picks will add a new, riveting element to your sports world and make you a decent amount of change on the side. Good luck!


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