Friday, May 13, 2011

Sex, Sports, and Scandals

It was the day of Super Bowl 33. Falcons and Broncos. I was a huge Broncos fan -- Elway, TD, Sharpe, Romanowski. And outside of the dirty bird endzone celebration, I knew nothing about the Falcons. However, as I sat through the hours of pregame shows, it became apparent to me that Falcons safety Eugene Robinson had done something wrong. At the time, the announcers only mentioned that he was bailed out of jail the night before. However, the story was he was arrested the day before the Super Bowl for paying an undercover cop for sexual favors. The first thought that ran through my mind was, "Will he play?" (and he did). The next thought was, "WHY?!" At the time, I was naive, and I was oblivious to all the other sex scandals in sports. I remember being really angry at why he was still allowed to play when he was bailed out of jail the early morning of the Super Bowl. Little did I know that at the time, we were still in the infant stages of sex and sports.

Beckham. Kemp. Kobe. Marv Albert. Vick. Calvin Murphy. Roethlisberger. Isaiah. Oden. Woods. Roethlisberger (again). Just some of the biggest names in sports in the last decade to be involved in sex scandals (and I left out alot and yes, Calvin Murphy was a stretch(htown!)). Some were innocent, some weren't. Either way, it's a reality that we have to deal with as a sports fan. At this point, nothing should surprise us anymore. But can we hold these individuals at fault? They're paid to play the game. Whether they acknowledge that they're role models or not, it's a personal decision. At the end of the day, we're going to judge an athlete by how well they did on the field and not off of it. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player to have played the game. No one will recall that he cheated on his wife and that his divorce was the most expensive celebrity divorce ever when he paid his ex-wife $168mil.

And now, 13 years after the Eugene Robinson scandal, outside of the people in Georgia and myself, no one will remember Super Bowl 33 for the Eugene Robinson arrest and scandal because of the fact that his team didn't win. Everyone will remember it as Elway's last game and Elway leaving on top. At the end of the day, achievements on the field will reign supreme. For example: Kobe. If Kobe had not won the 2 championships the past couple of years, he will forever be remembered as the guy who broke up the dynasty and the rapist. So a note to Greg Oden: if you don't come back from your injury and take the trailblazers to atleast the Finals, you will forever be known as the 2nd coming of Sam Bowie and for indiscriminate sexting.


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