Monday, May 23, 2011

Fantasy Fantasies - Monday May 23rd

That was one of the worst offensive (not a double negative!) weeks of baseball I've seen. A lot of players the 'perts were high on continue to struggle and a few players revealing their true colors (I'm looking at you Ben Zobrist). Who do we buy and sell this week?

Buy Low:

Pujols: If the owner in your league is selling, buy. It might only take Fielder or Howard or Reyes straight up for him.
Longoria: He's only been back a few weeks, but he's struggling. I would take advantage of any weakness his owner is showing.
Crawford: Not sure if he'll come any cheaper than right now.
Kinsler: Again, another guy that I don't expect to continue struggling
Ubaldo: Showing signs of life, you could get him real cheap, might just take some waiver wire pitcher or a bag of peanuts...

Sell High:

Josh Tomlin: Will fall back to Earth soon, along with the Indians
James Shields: Wowz, 2nd best rated pitcher in Yahoo! right now, if you can get some real returns, I would look into it
Asdrubal Cabrera: Another Indian, not sure if he's legit
Matt Joyce: Some great numbers and possibly reaching his potental, but he's been playing a bit over his head
Lance Berkman: If anyone is willing to buy at his current price, sell

Cash Monies:

Bedard: Showing signs of vintage Orioles' days
Salas: A closer that's not named a closer but closes is technically a closer
Desmond Jennings: June is right around the corner
Porcello: Showing positive signs of reaching his potential, similar to Bailey without the Ks
Justin Turner: I had to give the Met fans something positive

Trash Dumps:

Hafner: He's cursed
Fuentes: Can't remember the last time he was good, Bailey is coming back this week
Soto: There's a lot of catchers that are very similar this year, and by similar I mean, terrible
Brett Myers: Houston can't hit, can barely pitch, and definitely cannot close
Melky Cabrera: Welcome back to Earth


Thanks for the tip on Porcello.

Also, couldn't have said it better myself with your take on Brett Myers on the Houston Astros. FML.

But they had a nice little comeback win last night! You guys have some young kids in wallace, norris, wandy, and pence is still young...i think there's some silver lining, better than the Mets!!

Jeez you sound so optimistic you could be the Astros GM. I needed a fantasy W from Kershaw last night, but of course, my Astros never cease to disappoint me. Anyway, Wallace, Norris, and Pence are all barely above average at best, and Wandy is past his prime already. It'll be a good 2-3 more years before the Astros are relevant again.

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