Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Dirk Show!

Dallas?! O_O Leaving for Austin tomorrow and I have to say I am excited to watch with some Dallas fans. From the feeling I'm getting, they are more shocked than excited and "cautiously optimistic". Ironically, the last team to come back from an 0-2 deficit was Dallas in 2005, which is a sensitive topic around Texas since it was at the expense of the Rockets. The Champs better wake up because they are not going to walk into the finals like the previous two years. Dirk looks unstoppable right now with his fading leg drop kick shot, and Gasol (too slow), Ron Ron (too short), and Lamar (hmm yeah I don't know why he can't guard Dirk, ugly sister), but all I know is that Dirk seems to light up when he sees Lamar...

I think the Lakers only have two options against our German friend: 1) Plan to go for the block from the back side because of how far Dirk leans back for his fade away or 2) Just give up and stop the rest of the Mavs. Magic Johnson was right when he said no one on the Mavs were designed to stop Kobe, but clearly no one on the Lakers were designed to stop Dirk. Dallas could use something to believe in, Rangers came so close, Cowboys looked more like Cowgirls, and the Stars failed to make it to the playoffs (but no one cares about hockey).

I don't think Dallas fans will mind if J.J. Barea has to score the same amount of points as the entire Lakers bench if it means moving on to the next round. Last week, I had a feeling this series might just add to the many let downs in recent Dallas history, but I hope they prove me wrong. If Dirk can get a signature win over a team that 99% of experts would say are stronger and more talented than they are, they can finally put all those bad memories to rest.


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