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Party Foul: Boxing - Manny Pacquiao v. Timothy Bradley

June 9, 2012: Manny Pacquiao v. Timothy Bradley

What the hell!??!? Timothy Bradley beat Manny Pacquiao in a split decision to become the new Welterweight Champion of the world.

"I tried hard, but I couldn't beat the guy." -Timothy Bradley right after the fight.

Official judges' scorecard:
Jerry Roth: 115-113 Pacquiao
Duane Ford: 115-113 Bradley
C.J. Ross: 115-113 Bradley

Those are the names of the people who should be fired.

Experts' scorecard:
HBO (Harold Lederman): 119-109 Pacquiao
ESPN (Dan Rafael): 119-109 Pacquiao
LA Times: 117-111 Pacquiao
Associated Press: 117-111 Pacquiao

Total Punches:
Landed: Pacquiao 253 - Bradley 159
Thrown: Pacquiao 751 - Bradley 839
Percentage: Pacquiao 34% - Bradley 19%

Manny landed more punches than Bradley in 10 of the 12 rounds tonight.

Total Power Punches:
Landed: Pacquiao 190 - Bradley 108
Thrown: Pacquiao 493 - Bradley 390
Percentage: Pacquiao 39% - Bradley 28%

When interviewed after the completion of the fight, even Bradley's manager thought Pacquiao won 8 of 12 rounds.

The Reaction on Twitter:
@DeronWilliams Wow what just happened??????????????????????? What were they watching
@JJT_ESPNDallas Bradley won. WTH. #boxingatitsfinest
@SoleCollector The fix is in?
@tekmode WTF how did he win that?
@Tinchuk what. just. happened?!
@vubus Wow wtf. Shit is rigged. No way Bradley should have won
@DeronWilliams Boxing is now the worst sport in the history of the world Im never buying a fight again
@umgalap Rigged..!?
@Isaiah_Rider: This is the worst decision I've ever seen
@CDavenport18 Wooooooooow O_O cant believe he won
@coopmavs Hey ESPN, a sports travesty has just taken place. Get away from a taped NBA Finals preview piece and start talking about this
@alnguyen84 The death of boxing is in full force.
@ProfBlackistone I'm officially done with boxing. Forever. Period. Good night. #PacBradley
@SoleCollector Didn't care either way...but it was pretty clear that Manny won 10 rounds right?
@jtimberlake I cannot believe what I just saw... Please tell me they read that decision wrong... #Rigged
@JayGlazer I scored it 11-1 for Manny. How do they possibly score it for Bradley????? I demand immediate drug testing... for judges
@RonnieBrewerJr where is Ashton Kutcher this gotta be Punk'D bc Bradley didnt win maybe 1 or 2 rounds seriously though sheesh
@bomani_jones: the look on bradley's face after hearing he won is how rashard lewis must looked when the magic called. #forreal?
@fraggglerock #rigged #robbed #Fboxing #BS
@kk_nguyenn What the heck????? #TEAMPacquiao seriously what?!
@lovethewong Fight rigged. Manny gypped. Wow. HBO, give me my money back. #PacquiaoBradley
@RayRice27 That really got me mad Smh the people who scored the fight need to fired
@JaredDudley619 This is crazy.. Those judges n vegas need to be fired ASAP!!!! I never felt so cheated of my money in my Life!!!!
@JCrossover I swear we musta just watched a diff fight..
@LilTunechi What!?!
@SHAQ I watched allota fights but that decision was some bs. Now I wanna see pacqiou verses may weather I spelled PAC mans name wrong so what lol
@dnowit41 That was seriously ridiculous in so many ways
@calvinwatkins I really don't know what to say. Wow. Bradley beat pacquiao??!?!!!
@IAMAGM Tim Donaghy is now a Boxing Ref apparently
@Chris_Broussard Manny won 11 of 12 rounds!
@alnguyen84 I'm still in disbelief. We know the sport is corrupt but you can't go on to shaft the face of boxing.
@Chris_Broussard This is an absolute travesty! Never seen anything like it. Boxing has officially become a joke tonite!
@Chris_Broussard Boxing clearly trying to set up a big money rematch since only legit Manny challenger is in jail. What a scam!
@Chris_Broussard I would boycott the Manny-Bradley rematch, but I wanna see Manny pummel dude!
@ChrisMannixSI Arum says Bradley's manager had it 8-4 for Pacquiao.
@Tip Wow...
@Tip UFC...
@cpatty3 And your still undefeated. Undisputed champion Timothy Bradley!!! Haha #fixed
@AaronRodgers12 That is horrible. Unreal. Ridiculous. Stupid. Bogus. Etc. That fight wasn't close and I was pulling for Bradley.
@CedEntertainer Boxing is now officially Wrestling!!! I can't wait for Boxamania!!! Everybody in the ring till there is one winner.
@KevinHart4real This is a setup.....this is just a ploy!!!! This is The sport of boxing making Pacqaio & Mayweather fight!!!! Look between the lines people
@jtimberlake I'm gonna let it go... After I say this... Boxing was RUINED tonight for me.
@JLin7 "Unbelievable," Bob Arum said. "I went over to Bradley before the decision and he said, 'I tried hard but couldnt beat the guy." – ESPN
@SnoopDogg Ain't that sum bullshit Boxing is a wrap. Going bacc on that ultimate fighting
@OscarDeLaHoya Bradley should have given the belt and announce victory to paquiao right after the decision.
@joerogan Holy shit that was a terrible decision in the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight. Someone committed a fucking crime.
@toddarcher Not a great weekend for boxing and horse racing. 2 dying sports
@timlchen boxing is as real as the WWE
@tintinna so disappointed in the "judges" from last night. people should boycott the nov. rematch!

Some interesting info regarding the betting:
‏@sportsguy33 Never been more stunned by a boxing decision. So disgusted right now. Now we know why the odds dropped all week.
@sportsguy33 Late money on this boxing match, Pac was -432 at 2pm it closed -397 at pinny. Lots of late money on Bradley.

I wrote an editorial a few weeks ago on the state of boxing and how it was dying dead. This confirms it. It was Pacquiao's first defeat in seven years (16 straight wins with 8 world championships) and it keeps Bradley's undefeated record unblemished. But what ultimately gets tarnished is the sport as a whole.

Personally for me this really hurts. Pacman, along with Tiger, Lebron, Messi, Dirk, and Rafa are on my Mount Rushmore of current favorite athletes. Truthfully, it's hard for me to believe that I'm completely done with boxing, but there's no denying the respect I have for it now rivals that of WWE wrestling. Was Vince MacMahon in the building? David Stern?

In the end, who loses with this bullsh*t? The true supporters and fans of boxing -- the purists.

To put it simply, there is absolutely no credibility anymore. For those wondering, the rematch has already been set: November 10th -- and apparently the third match to complete the trilogy is in the works as well. What a joke.

What are your reactions to the judges' decision? What about boxing in general? What needs to be done?

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Party Foul was created for something ridiculous like this.

It was a business deal...that's why he was late coming out to get his hand-wrapped...stupid Bob Arum told Manny what was going to happen so that they have two more fights to come. The rematch, Manny will win in Nov 10, then another match in May 5 for the Trilogy. Mayweather and Manny isn't ever going to fight no matter what, so, they did this so that Manny and Bob Arum and Bradley can make millions of dollars off of their Trilogy. was probably Boxing's lowest... It's starting to look like WWF, the only thing they don't control now-a-days is their performances in the ring...then again...I can be speaking too soon...

Fox Sports scored it 119-100 PacMan.
LA TIMES 117-111 PacMan
Dan Rafael ESPN, 119-109 PacMan
Harold Lederman has it 119-109 PacMan.

Emanuel Steward says he's "dumbfounded.",
Harold Lederman is incredulous, saying, "you can't miss this!"
USA TODAY Sports' Bob Velin calls the decision "unbelievable."

Pacquiao landed 253 total punches to Bradley's 159. In power punches, Pacquiao outlands Bradley 190-108

After the crap with the fight tonight, I am done watching boxing! Boo to the judges and anyone involved in the B.S. that went down!!!!! Bradley is a bad fighter, that was all Pacquiao!!! Give the win you worthless blind judges!!!!!

what a crock of shit...........never again will i waste my time with anything like this.....Boxing owes the viewing public an apology

how do these people sleep at night????? they ruined the reputation of a squeaky -clean professional at the top of his game....its not Bradley's fault, now lets see him go through the guys manny fought....start with cotto, then go to mosley, then margarito, they would all come out of retirement for a shot at his belt.....what a disgrace

we had it 116-112 pacquiao. boxing is dead finally!!!

bradley hes not deserve to win i cant believe the decision pacquiao is thwe winner

Oh yeah they so in our face now they just said fu k you people kiss our ?@*#&&$(( well f?#*##%#% them m "&#&###'& f*@&# cheating lying rigging promoters in Vegas I'm so max at how they hold the public I. Such low esteem I wanna screammmmm

Is boxing the next WWE?! WTF is this!

Business > Boxing. Bob Arum is the next David Stern.

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