Albert Nguyen

Name: Albert Nguyen
Nicknames: The Hater, alby, Albus Dumbledore
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Current town: San Antonio, Texas
Alumni: Too many to list! Please read below.

Bio: I was born and raised in Texas -- where the summers are long, the women are beautiful, and football reigns king. One of the first childhood memories I vividly have an account of occurred when I was six years old. I remember going to the refrigerator and bringing back an iced cold Budweiser for my dad as we got ready for the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football. We lost 31-33 to the Washington Redskins that night but I learned a very important lesson. If I wanted to stay up past my bedtime, all I needed to do was watch football with the old man. No doubt, football was my first love.

However it didn’t take long for the other sports to compete with football for my undying attention. This is the reason why I was ten shades more tan as a kid than I am right now. I was always outside trying to imitate the moves of my favorite athletes: Michael Jordan’s layup against the Lakers in the 1991 Finals to Deion Sanders’s touchdown dances all the way to Pete Sampras’s patented serve up the “T”.

After graduating high school, I decided to become a real life nomad for some bizzare reason. I went to a total of six colleges and universities in a span of ten years. I consider myself very fortunate to spend a large chunk of my college years in California because it helped me realize that home is where the heart is. Texas forever. All in all, I managed to earn a bachelor’s degree in economics, a masters in international relations, and a law degree.

But the only thing I really learned is that my love for sports is real.

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