Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In 140 Words or Less: Russell Westbrook, Fashion Icon/Enigma

Look. Anyone can hire a personal stylist and land on the cover of Vogue or GQ (see: LeBron James and Dwayne Wade.)

But it takes a certain individual with a bold attitude (or colorblindness) to wear outfits so outside the traditional definition of “cool” that it leaves you genuinely confused. Is it ugly? Is it cool? Is it so ugly it’s cool? Do those glasses even have lenses in them?

This NBA postseason, Russell Westbrook is that guy.

In many of his postgame conferences, his sartorial choices have been a point of discussion as much as his responses to reporters.  Here are some of his best/worst looks:

Airplane Seat Cushion Chic
Polkadots in the Jungle Chic
Weather Advisory Flag/Sequence Chic
Sally Jesse Raphael in a Dr. Seuss Shirt Chic
Jackson Pollock Graffiti Chic
Multi-textured Farm Boy Chic
Paddington Bear Chic
Comic Book POW Chic

Photos courtesy of SBNation, Sports Illustrated, The Score, BigDThep, Footbasket, ToLiveAndDieInSF


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