Monday, May 16, 2011

Fantasy Fantasies - Monday May 16

Let's just get to this, we're already 6 weeks into the season, 25% of the way through, there's got to be some desperation out there and owners for you to exploit. Here are some guys I would be targeting and guys that I would unload

Buy Low

Uggla - I've owned Dan Uggla for 3 straight seasons, some days he'll get you a golden sombrero, some days, it's 2 HRs and 4 ribs. Buy.
Ubaldo - Another guy I think that will have a nice little summer, speculate
Crawford - Still a special player, he's going to come around, buy now while he's still struggling
Dunn - Power potential, I think he will still hit 30.
Gallardo - Still maintaining my buy recommendation, will find his groove

Sell High

Trevor Cahill - The ratios aren't there, there will be a correction, dump
Tim Hudson - One of my favorite pitchers, but never a good K rate, if someone is willing to give you talent here, take it.
Phil Humber - Another bad K rate guy, sell
Matt Joyce - A cash guy that I like, but sell if someone is willing to pay for his amazing month
Melky Cabrera - I don't think he keeps this up, exit

Cash Money Pickups of the week:

Andres Torres - leading off, speed, a little pop, back from injury, under the radar
Cameron Maybin - 5 tool skill set, always had potential, could be showing it, take a chance!
Johnny Cueto - If he's still available, move fast
Jhonny Peralta - Do you think his first name was a mistake?
Jake Arrieta - Stats are stats, the kid can pitch!

Trash Ugly Drops of the week:

Aroldis Chapman - Pretty sure I told you to trash this kid a week ago, you paid the price if you didn't!!
Jorge Posada - If he's not baseball relevant, he's not fantasy baseball relevant.
Sam Fuld - Fun while it lasted, but Jennings is coming!
Brandon League - Joining the Ryan Franklin All-Stars along with Brandon Lyon
John Lackey - I know he just hit the DL, but honestly, I can't remember the last time this guy was good.


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