Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fantasy Fantasies - Thursday May 5

Cinco de Mayo edition! How bad are the brew crew, the south side darkstockings, and new york's other team? Answer: really bad. Jose Reyes rumours abound, current offer is for a bag of baseballs and a suitcase of unmarked bills.


Ian Stewart - Got called back up, Wiggy's hurt
Nate McLouth - Could he have figured it out? This guy was decent once...
Vicente Padilla - Can't believe I'm writing his name, but there's no one else
Bourgeois - I don't even know this guy's first name, but steals are steals
Ervin Santana - If anyone gave up on this guy, he can turn it around


Austin Jackson - Tigres are playing very poorly
Brandon Lyon - Longest leash ever, but just a terrible option
Corey Hart - Don't trust him, but watch, he'll turn it around and prove me wrong
Chris Narveson - I mean, seriously, this guy is a spot start at best
Any Cards closer - Tony LaRussa hates you

Photos courtesy of AP Photo/Jae C. Hong


It's Jason Bourgeois! How come everyone I pick up ends up on your Cash list the next day?

Because I pick them up 2 days before in my other league, my team is too good in our league. Zobrist 4 Eva!

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