Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fantasy Fantasies - Thursday May 19

Can anyone hit this week? Home runs are down across the entire league, pitching has been otherworldy, what's going on here? I miss the steroid era...

Cash in

Jake Peavy - is "the Snake" is back? Indians were hot coming in and he put them in a sleeper hold
Travis Hafner - What is this, 2006? Pronk is pronking whenever he's in the lineup
Elliot Johnson - Don't ask me who he is, what position he plays, he's the new Sam Fuld until Jennings gets the call
Ramon Hernandez - Razor Ramon has a ridiculous HR/AB rate, not sure why he isn't getting more burn in reality and in fantasy
Matt Guerrier/Kenley Jansen - Do you really trust Vicente Padilla??

Trash Out

Brandon McCarthy - Not worth anymore than a spot start right now
Ryan Raburn - Sad to say this, but just not getting it done
Tim Stauffer - If he only pitched for another team
Dice-K - Not even worthy of a DL slot
Padilla - If you owned Broxton, you had to roll the dice. You lost. Cut him and move on Guerrier or Jansen


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