Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Thought...

Random thought I had while watching the Thunder-Grizzlies game last night:

Noticed that TNT likes to put titles under their player introductions, like Russell Westbrook - PG, "Ignitor"

This got me thinking about what some other players' titles would be:

Kobe - Assassin
Dwight Howard - Guardian
Ray Allen - Sniper
Ron Artest - Headcase
Eddy Curry - Expiring Contract (also fat)
Lamar Odom - Reality TV Supporting Character
Kevin Love - White All Star
Bill Walker - Liability
Sasha Vujacic - Overachiever (serious... how is this guy engaged to Sharapova?)
Jeremy Lin - Asian Pride
Kevin Garnett - Asshole


On another note... I wish Arenas was still good so we could give him the nickname "Gunshop" oh well


Raymond Felton - Chubby kid next door
Yi Jianlian - China's Best

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