Thursday, March 1, 2012

THE GCAST - Episode 4 - NBA All-Star Weekend Wrap and Midseason Report

Inside this episode:
- GCAST introduces the Mailbag
- Thoughts and reactions from NBA All-Star weekend
- Jeremy Evans wins the slam dunk contest
- Daryl Morey calls BS
- Dwade's foul on Kobe: incidental contact?
- Dead or Alive: NBA 5-8 playoff seeds
- Champs/Chumps of the week
- Send your questions and comments to our mailbag at and get featured in our podcasts!

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Still can't believe I lost to The Peter in "dead or alive"...

to be honest, the "racist" comments don't really bother me. i know most of you guys well enough to know you don't hate white people, i'm just looking for a little consistency here. can't have an opening segment on racism towards jeremy lin and then make racist comments yourself later on. but thanks for addressing it! but, we're not friends anymore, peter?!? this is news to me...

i think jeremy evans deserved third place behind paul george and air bud respectively...but as much as i want to believe in a conspiracy, i really don't see what the point of making jeremy evans the winner would be haha

great podcast, guys! keep 'em coming

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