Saturday, March 24, 2012

EPL Power Rankings - Prayers for Muamba

For those of you who don't follow EPL soccer, (which I can safely assume, is the majority of our readership), a player from the Bolton Wanderers, Fabrice Muamba, collapsed on the pitch last Saturday during a FA Cup match against my beloved Tottenham Hotspur. It was a tense and extremely shocking scene as Muamba was suffering from a cardiac arrest. The emergency medical staff on site at White Hart Lane was quick to respond and kept oxygen and blood coursing through his veins while working to restart his heart. For those of you who don't know me, I too suffered from a similar situation back in college where I was playing sports and suffered a cardiac arrest. If it wasn't for the quick thinking of a medical resident who was playing as well, I probably would not be writing this article today. Muamba's condition has improved, so my thoughts and prayers go out to Muamba, his family, friends, and team members as he continues his road to recovery.

Let's move on to the power rankings, which clearly, matter little when compared to a man's life:

Really Really TwoTiers:
(1) Manchester United – 70 pts – Took the Wolves tothe woodshed.
(2) Manchester City – 69 pts – Got it done vs.Chelsea
(3) Arsenal – 55 pts – Hottest team in the league rightnow.
(4) Tottenham – 54 pts – I hate soccer.
(5) Chelsea – 49 pts – Heartbreaking finish againstCity.
(6) Newcastle – 47 pts – Not good, not bad.
(7) Liverpool – 42 pts – Epic collapse.

Messy Middle:
(8) SwanseaCity – 39 pts – Just win, baby.
(9) Fulham – 36 pts – Completely outplayed bySwansea.
(10) Sunderland – 37 pts –Atough out, will get some teams fits down the stretch run.
(11) Everton – 37 pts – Luckydidn’t get blown out by Arsenal.
(12) Stoke City – 37 pts – Deserveda win vs. Spurs, but had to settle for a draw.
(13) Norwich City – 36 pts –Still here.
(14) West Bromwich Albion – 36pts – Who cares?
(15) Aston Villa – 33 pts – Match postponed.

The Relegation Zone:
(16) Blackburn Rovers – 28 pts –Almost out of the danger zone!
(17) Bolton Wanderers – 23 pts– Prayers and best wishes go out to Muamba.
(18) Queens Park Rangers – 25pts – That was a historic victory over LFC and could save them.
(19) Wolverhampton Wanderers –22 pts – Please relegate, now.
(20) Wigan Athletic – 21 pts –Still terrible.

Matchup Predictions

Last Week’s Record 6-3 (Boltonv. Villa postponed due to Muamba’s incident)
Cumulative Record 14-15 (Almost.500, so I'm about as good as a coin flip…)


Spurs at Chelsea - 1-3 - Our match of the week and my continued torture. Spurs have been reeling, having not won in 4 straight league matches. Chelsea will look for redemption after losing a close one against Man City. so I don't see them losing this one at Stamford Bridge.

Arsenal at Villa - 3-1 - Arsenal is running on all cylinders, should be cake.

Rovers at Bolton - 0-2 - Bolton comes out strong and will play to a pumped up home crowd.

Wigan at Liverpool - 1-3 - Just what the doctor ordered for LFC to forget Wednesday's loss.

Wolves at Norwich - 0-2 - Wolves are just bad right now.

QPR at Sunderland - 1-1 - I see the Hoops taking Sunderland to the brink, but the Cats hold for a draw.

Everton at Swansea - 0-2 - Hard to bet against the Swans right now.

City at Stock - 2-1 - Tough to play at Brittania, but City too talented.


Newcastle at WBA - 2-1 - Should be a good match, the Magpies will take it.


Fulham at United - 1-3 - Fulham will come out strong, but Sir Alex has the Red Devils in perfect position to take another league title.


Apparently a cardiologist who was in the stands (Tottenham fan) ran onto the pitch to help treat Muamba!

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