Thursday, March 22, 2012

Party Foul: Andrew Bynum

Violation: Andrew Bynum ejected after his 2nd technical foul against the Houston Rockets.

Explanation: This happened at the end of the 3rd quarter with his team up 6 points in a game that the Rockets eventually came back to win in dramatic fashion. After getting ejected, he continues to mouth off to the ref, high-fives all of his teammates and all the fans in the front row, finally leaves the court, and doesn't watch the rest of the game. Instead, he sits by himself on the team bus and "waits for everybody to get out of there." Grow up, kid.

Penalty: In all likelihood, Kobe doesn't have enough in the tank to carry you to another championship, and I will celebrate like a madman upon your exit from the playoffs. Also, Peter Wang owns you on his fantasy team, and I'll make sure you don't win a championship in fantasy basketball either. Now go stand in the corner for a timeout while the grown ups chat.

Photo and video courtesy of Derick E. Hingle, US Presswire and YouTube


Bynum is top 3 most hated right now.

yeah, right next to Westbrook and LeBron for me

What if Yao had Bynum's toughness?

if Yao had any toughness at all, he wouldn't have needed Bobby Sura to tackle Josh Howard for him

When you're Tracy Morgan's doppelganger, a certain level of immaturity has to be expected:

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