Thursday, March 22, 2012

THE GCAST - Episode 6 - NYC Review and NFL Buzz

Inside this episode:
- GCAST crew takes a trip to NYC!
- Knicks game / Linsanity recap
- Ranking the pizza in New York
- Best foods in NYC
- Peyton Manning's signing with Denver
- Sean Payton's suspension from Goodell
- Tim Tebow's future with the Jets
- Champ/Chump of the week

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Media links:
Spider-man: Turn off the dark
Phantom of the Opera
Peyton Manning press conference with Broncos
Sean Payton suspended
Tebowmania moves to New York!
Music courtesy of Jay-Z, Notorious BIG, Spiderman: Turn off the dark, Phantom of the Opera, NFL on Fox.


- You guys definitely caught the tail-end of Lin-sanity. When I went a week after he became a starter, it was pretty Lin-sane. The crowd was unlike any other I've seen at the Garden.

- Capacity of MSG is 19,763.

- I listened to the whole thing, yes, definitely still sad about Tottenham. Ever since I started the power rankings, my boys haven't won a league match!

Peter, now you know why I'm always trying to find legit ramen everywhere I go. Thank you.

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