Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sunday Night Fights - Promo

Back in college, I used to have some pretty set routines. You have your typical habits: wake up, bathroom, go to class, come back, sleep, eat, homework, TV, eat, sleep, repeat -- or something to that effect. But one of my most favorite times of the day during my sophmore/junior years was watching hockey fights right before I went to bed. It was like saving your stomach for dessert... and well, there's always room for dessert. Somehow over the years, I've gotten away from this great routine. What a travesty.

But when GCAS Founder extraordinaire, Caleb Li, approached me to do a weekly hockey fight article, I quickly relived my heydays back in my college dormitory with a visit to -- the only site I use to quench the hockey testosterone in me. It's a tremendous source that logs hockey's daily action, posts videos, and creates a great forum for avid hockey fans to put in their two cents about the game. Much of my love for hockey has been spurred by the efforts of websites and forums such as this one.

So stay tuned, as every Sunday night I will give a recap of the week's best fights, in hopes that sports fans from all walks of life will start to appreciate the beautiful game of hockey.

But for now, I'll leave you with this little teaser..

Photo and video courtesy of &


Got me there, thought I was going to see a real fight lol. Great video! Looking forward to your actual hockey fight posts!

Very excited for this. Maybe too excited.

Plus, I love the photo of Hartnell getting his ginger*ss handed to him!

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