Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Night Fights: Round 3

This week we'll venture into a game between the Winnipeg Jets and Carolina Hurricanes. Both teams are poised to miss the playoffs, but hockey is still hockey -- there's still too much pride on the line to tank (unlike say... the NBA).

Now as enticing as it was to pick the New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers opening period 3-fight extravaganza, I've got to show some love for some young up-and-comers. This week's combatants are Patrick Dwyer (Carolina) and Spencer Machacek (Winnipeg). I'll be honest -- I've never heard of them in my life, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to skate, stick handle, or throw a punch. And well, let's just say Mr. Machacek knows the latter.

Dwyer is in 4th semi-full season, all with the Hurricanes. Machacek is a young guy who has barely played in 15 NHL games, so you know he's got to make a name for himself. Nothing gets your name out there like taking it to someone.

He might not be a household name anytime soon, but now I know who Spencer Machacek is. No more high sticks when he's on the ice.

And as a bonus, just in case you wanted to see the 3-fight extravaganza at MSG:

Chase for the Cup in a few weeks!

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These were some good fights this week

Every hockey game should start with 3 fights.

I took the Stars at +5000 to win the cup a few weeks back. Now, its at +1500. VALUE!

got to make the playoffs first *fingers crossed*

Rangers!!! I have great respect for that Devils team for being willing to initiating the knuckle dance... as much as I dislike them. But I LOVE the Rangers for accepting that challenge and then clearly winning 2 of the 3 fights.

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