Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The GCAST - Episode 3 - MLB Controversies and NFL Draft

Inside this episode:

- GCAST welcomes 2 new guests to the show!
- Ryan Braun controversy in the MLB
- Albert "el Hombre" Pujols?
- What to do about the MLB and Bud Selig?
- Andrew Luck vs. RG3
- Houston Texans offseason
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Photos and content courtesy of the MLB and NFL. Music courtesy of Jay-Z and Doogie Howser.


I would like to amend a statement I said on the podcast: There are sloughed off cells in a urine sample so you could do a DNA profile with that however if a urine sample is left in the freezer for 44 hours, I don't know how accurate that would be. DNA testing in this case may not be much help since there are definite possibilities to tamper with Braun's urine sample without having to replace the sample as a whole.

Thanks for letting me join the podcast! It was fun. I feel like I was a little too nice... I promise that will change.

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