Friday, February 24, 2012

The GCAST - Episode 2.5 - Oscars!

GCAST's 1st special guest! Join us for a laid-back discussion of Oscars!
- Oscar news!
- Oscars vs. Golden Globes
- Our panel gives their take on the individual categories
- Best Picture, Screenplays, and Directors!
- (Music in the podcast are all Oscar Nominees for best original score)
- Send your questions and comments to our mailbag at and get featured in our podcasts!

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Sean Penn beat out Brad Pitt for Best Actor in the 81st Academy Awards for his role in "Milk"
Daniel Day-Lewis won the year before which was the 2008 Oscars but for movies that came out in 2007.

Media links:
Welcome back, Billy!
Sasha Baron Cohen - The Dictator returns
Oscar Nominees
Rooney vs. Mara - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Amanda Bynes Career - DONE

GCAST Predictions
Actor in a Supporting Role:
Jonathan Lau - Kenneth Branagh
Caleb Li - Nick Nolte
Peter Wang - Christopher Plummer
Jonathan Mok - Max von Sydow

Actress in a Supporting Role:
Jonathan Mok, Peter Wang - Berenice Bejo
Jonathan Lau, Caleb Li - Octavia Spencer

Actor in a Leading Role:
Jonthan Lau, Peter Wang - Jean Dujardin
Jonathan Mok, Caleb Li - Brad Pitt

Actress in a Leading Role:
Peter Wang - Glenn Close
Jonathan Mok - Rooney Mara
Caleb Li - Meryl Streep
Jonthan Lau - *Michelle Williams

Writing (Adapted Screenplay):
Jonathan Mok, Peter Wang - Hugo
Jonthan Lau, Caleb Li - Moneyball

Writing (Original Screenplay):
Jonathan Mok, Jonthan Lau, Caleb Li - Midnight in Paris
Peter Wang - A Separation

Peter Wang - The Artist - Michel Hazanavicius
Jonthan Lau, Caleb Li - Hugo - Martin Scorsese
Jonathan Mok - The Tree of Life - Terrence Malick

Best Picture:
Jonathan Lau, Peter Wang - The Artist
Caleb Li - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Jonathan Mok - The Tree of Life

Podcast fans vote!
Oscar - Best Picture

Who is the real JLau?


Additional Mistake:
Best Brad Pitt movie = Troy
"Let no man forget...that we are lions! Do you know what's there, waiting beyond the beach?? Immortality, take it, it's yours!!"

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