Friday, February 24, 2012


Let me make a confession: my blogging hymen is intact. It’s not to say that I have never flirted with the likes of Xanga and Blogspot, but those turned out to be mere flings of selfish indulgence coveting the elusive comment or eProp from the girl who made my heart thaw with her every typed letter and emoticon. I only admit this now because I have triumphed over this very girl and made her my wife. I digress. Before I step over into blogging adulthood, I’d like to thank Mr. Peter Wang for his act of solicitation and for paving the way for virgin bloggers like myself with riveting articles such as “What is a Sport?” which goes in depth into the controversial topic of what is a sport. But really, thanks for inviting me. Hopefully my ruminations will attract more visitors to the site (yes, that includes the perturbed people who google “hymen” and end up here). Stay tuned for my first post. 


If you weren't studying to be a doctor, I would of thought you to be a very sick man. But since you are, you're just a sick man.

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