Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI Prediction!


I have been putting this off and almost didn't want to make a pick for this years Super Bowl. I really believe this year's game is going to be extremely close also I know for a fact neither of their fans want any of the experts picking their team. This year the Patriots are technically the favorite when it comes to the book in Las Vegas but not by much. Las Vegas has picked the correct winner 19 of the last 21 games, and of course one of the upsets was in 2007 when the Giants shocked the world. All clues point to a thrilling upset repeat, the Giants of 2011 basically took the same exact path as the 2007 Giants. The only difference is that this time no one will be shocked if the Giants win. For this reason I am not going to go with the popular pick of the Giants and I am taking the Patriots. I actually do believe in 100 games the Patriots would win only 40 of those match ups because their defense is just too unpredictable. But since the Giants won the regular season match up I will go with the New England Patriots. It is hard to beat any team twice in one season, I believe the Giants proved that versus the Packers this year, and in 2007 when the Super Bowl was actually a rematch.

New England Patriots 24 over the New York Giants 21

I believe that the Patriots will get three touchdowns with Gronko getting at least one. Also I believe the Giants will lose by 3 after converting on a 2 point conversion to tie up the game. I won't be surprised if the Giants win and even win with ease, but I definitely do not see the Giants getting blown out in this game. I am making this prediction with no confidence. All I can say is that I hope Ocho Cinco's headphone gifts are keeping the Patriots focused and the Ugg boots from Brady are keeping their feet warm.

Enjoy the big game!


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