Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Passing The Commercial Torch 2

Last May I posted an article about the next generation of athletes stepping into the media spot light of commercials. Although currently Jordan still dominating and like great brand franchises like Les Paul and Madden, Jordan may stay with us till the end of time. But being able to sell merchandise with your logo or name on it is only half the equation. If that was the case Kobe, Lebron, Durant, and Rose would be leading the pack, and although all have been seen in various commercials none have been really that memorable and rarely do they have to do with something other than their own brand or sports related item like Nike and Gatorade.

This brings me back to Blake Griffin, which last time I crowned him as the next rising commercial star of the next generation. Of course we have to talk about this guy after he completely posterized Perkins last night (see link). I know somewhere Timofey Mozgov is thinking "finally someone understands how I felt, and maybe I won't be shown in every Blake Griffin highlight." Blake hasn't done too much since his Rage commercial debut besides some KIA commercials in which he doesn't need to talk, which makes it seems more like a D Rose commercial to be honest. But that all changed for me after watching this:

Although Blake can still be a little awkward at times he still seems to have enough personality for brands to take a chance on him, also I think I made a huge mistake in not mentioning Kevin Love in my last post. This guy might have the best commercial presents in the bunch of young athletes out there its just too bad he is stuck playing in a small market. This commercial only adds to his resume which includes him showering in a Right Guard commercial and his serious but fake commercial promoting his fake fragrance NUMB#RS.

I think it is safe to say Durant is still far from starring in a commercial that lets him show a little personality and we are seeing Aaron Rodgers enter the game with his ongoing discount double check campaign that has also included some of his Packer teammates.

Feel free to comment on what you think and share other commercials starring other athletes.


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