Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 Royal Rumble Results

Here's some quick results from today's Royal Rumble.

Daniel Bryan defeated Mark Henry and Big Show in a Steel Cage Match to retain the Heavyweight Championship

Mark Henry aggravated a knee injury this past week, so his role was kept to a minimum. Every change he got, Bryan tried to escape the ring while Show and Henry went at it. Eventually he was dangling outside the ring hanging on to Big Show's arm. It became too much and Big Show dropped him, letter Bryan get the win. Will this setup more Big Show/Bryan? Or will we move on to Sheamus/Bryan?

Beth Phoenix, Natalya and the Bella Twins defeated Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, Eve and Tamina

Filler match that I assume was not very memorable (I was getting dinner). It seemed pretty similar to all the other tag team diva matches from the kitchen window.

John Cena and Kane had a double DQ (countout)

Strangely they didn't seem to follow through with any of the buildup at the beginning and it seemed like any other match. After a while they fought to the back, both getting counted out. Kane attacked Ryder, who was in a wheelchair, brought him into the ring, and gave him the tombstone pile-driver. Cena then came out and was choke-slammed. Kane got the upper hand at the end, and we'll see if Cena really "embraces the hate" on Monday. I thought he was turning already, but that didn't seem to really take. Also will we see Cena really snap while pushing the anti-bullying campaign?

Brodus Clay defeated Drew McIntyre

This was another filler match thrown in to separate the title big singles matches. I actually had to look up whether McIntyre was still in the WWE when writing my predictions, so I guess it isn't surprising that he got squashed. This also protects the Funkasaurus from a Royal Rumble loss.

CM Punk defeated Dolph Zigger to retain the WWE Championship

John Laurinaitis decided to be impartial be just being the outside ref, and called in a regular ref to do the main job. The match was pretty good, eventually leading to a ref bump, where CM Punk got a few pins while there was nobody there to count it. Eventually the ref woke up and saw Punk get a 3 count. Laurinaitis did this weird thing where he slid in and counted along with the ref for the second and third counts - I wonder if this will come into play somewhere, of if it was just a mistake.

Sheamus won the Royal Rumble Match

A few notes, some based on my predictions from earlier in the week:
- Funkasaurus did not even appear in this match, so that prediction was off.
- Santino had a much bigger role than I thought he could. He had a sock-fight with Mick Foley which was the highlight of the night.
- Ricardo Rodriguez was hilarious - he came in with Alberto Del Rio's entrance but with a real beat up car, did the whole entrance with the scarf and had some funny moves in the ring. I hope this isn't the last we see of this character.
- Christian and Mason Ryan did not even appear. With 3 spots wasted on the announcers, a lot of wrestlers did not get a chance to even show up.
- Kharma came back. I thought she just had a baby!
- Road Dogg came back and got a "You still got it" chant. Of course he still has it - he is still an active wrestler! It isn't like Ricky Steamboat where he was retired and we weren't sure if he could still wrestle.
- The final four were Orton, Jericho, Sheamus (I guessed those three) and the Big Show. I wasn't expecting Big Show to do this well.
- Jericho didn't show any of his over-the-top character tonight.
- Sheamus beat Jericho at the end to win the match. I don't see a CM Punk / Sheamus feud going anywhere, so I bet he will be going after Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania.

Overall this was a pretty good match (though Royal Rumbles almost always are). My favorite section was the Santino / Mick Foley / Ricardo Rodriguez bit. What did you guys think?


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