Friday, January 13, 2012

NFL 2012 Divisional Round Predictions

Last week I had a rough start and started 0-2 with my predictions but finished up strong with a 2-2 record. Texans stomped all over my prediction and made me look pretty foolish with an easy victory, but like I said there was a defensive touchdown in the game. Saints ran up the score, which rubs me the wrong way and the shoot out became one sided pretty quickly. Its hard to keep up when the Saints are taking high risks and converting 4th downs on their own side of the field. Also Lions clearly panicked when they threw a risky deep ball that was intercepted when they were only down 10. The other two games played out exactly how I thought they would, but it was shocking how much was scored in the Steeler Bronco game.
 Predictions for this week:

San Francisco 49ers over the New Orleans Saints 23-20

I just might be that fool that keeps on picking against the Saints, but for the second week in a row I am betting against the Saints in a close game out in San Francisco. Recently many have doubted the phrase defensive wins championships, but I'm still a believer and I still don't believe in the Saints defense. On top of all that I do believe in the 49ers D and their throwback style in their run game and how well the offensive line finds ways to keep Alex Smith standing up. This Defense is special and might be the only team left that can keep Drew and company under 30 points.

New England Patriots over the Denver Broncos 38-31

After reading well over 10 Tebow articles this week I have become a firm believer in the person he is, but lets not forget this is still a team game and one thing I do not trust is Denver's defense against Tom Brady and his dual tight end formations. This is still the hardest offense for anyone to match up with because no team has people fast enough and big enough to stop both Patriot tight ends. I am hoping for a shoot out and I really do believe Tebow will show up in a big way, but if their isn't a miracle I am going with Brady and company.

Baltimore Ravans over the Houston Texans 19-17

Once again I can't pick a team I had picked to lose the week before. I do think it will be a close one, and I admit I underestimated the Texan's ability to run the ball even with a rookie quarterback. Raven's get needed production from Ray Rice, while both teams play great defense. Turnovers will play a huge part in the outcome of this game.

Green Bay Packers over the New York Giants 31-28

This is the upset I want to pick, but there is no way I am going to pick against my favorite team the Packers. In a time like this I rather be wrong then say the Giants will beat the Packers. Packers offensive line will struggle against the fully loaded front line of the Giant defense, but this isn't the first time Aaron Rodgers has had constant pressure in his face. Both team will score, but Packers will do much better against the run with the return of Hawk and Bishop and I expect one interception by Manning in this game.

Teams I am rooting for this week: 49ers, Patriots, Tim Tebow (want his team to lose but him to do great), Texans, and Packers.

Enjoy the games everyone!


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