Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wild Card Weekend Picks

 Cincinnati Bengals over the Houston Texans  24-20

 I know the city of Houston will disagree with me on this one, but its just too hard for me to pick a third string QB that is banged up from last week to lead his team to a playoff win. Especially against a team they needed a fourth quarter miracle to beat the first time around. Bengals are 9-3 if you take out the games verse the Ravens and healthy Steelers. I see both offenses struggling in this one with at least one defensive touchdown being scored. 

Detroit Lions over the New Orleans Saints 37-34

This one is going to be the game of the week, with both teams gain tons of yard in the Super Dome. I believe the Lions are ready to shock the world, while the Saints run out of magic and start building somewhat of a choking reputation following last year's disaster

Denver Broncos over the Pittsburgh Steelers 19-17

Tebow finally wins again after losing the last three and with it the national press that he had over the year. Too many injuries for the Steelers to overcome with the loss of their Center, Running Back, and Safety. Also Big Ben will have a rough night against the quick DE and LB of the Denver Broncos. I believe Tebow does just enough to get into field goal range for the win.

New York Giants over the Atlanta Falcons 34-17

Giants finally come out and play and blow out the Falcons. I have no faith in Atlanta even though I would much rather the Falcons be in Green Bay next week. Falcons get down early and are forced to throw the ball, which allows Giants' front 7 to just focus on rushing Matt Ryan. This also takes out Atlanta's top weapon in Running Back Turner.

Teams I am rooting for this weekend are Texans, Lions, Broncos, and Falcons.

Superbowl prediction Packers VS Ravens with the Packers winning

More predictions to come after this weekend...


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