Monday, February 20, 2012

The GCAST - Episode 2 - NBA All Star Preview

The usual suspects discuss the hot topics this past week:
- Linsanity continues! How much is it a race issue? ESPN's drama.
- NBA All Star weekend events preview. The crew gives their ideas to make it better.
- Champ/Chump of the week
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Media links:
Danny Chen story
ESPN's Max Bretos' goof
ESPN's official statement on racial slur
SNL Jeremy Lin skit
Kevin Hart vs. UCONN Women’s Team
Sprint Celebrity Game
Rising Star Challenge
D-League All-Star Game
Skills Challenge
Shooting Star
3-pt Shooting Contest
Dunk Contest
NBA All-Star Game
Gerald Green's fingers
Lionel Hollins' fingers


how can you talk about the d-league and not mention antoine walker?! i'd watch just for him

the irony of mok talking about people's fingers...

and btw it's "team texas" because houston doesn't have a wnba team now

and MORE irony (read: hypocrisy) in you guys discussing race issues with jeremy lin, but not batting an eye when peter "doesn't want to be racist" yet says watching a white guy dunk isn't right

and the dunk contest is not the same as last year! it's only one round, no judges, fan voting only

why does the all-star game have to be relevant?? MLB tried to make it relevant and got a lot of backlash for it. the game is just about seeing your favorite players play together, and it's an acknowledgement of those who have played well in the first half of the season (well, ideally)

great job on the podcast guys!!

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