Wednesday, April 4, 2012

That Time I Met: Adam Scott

Did I ever tell you about that time I met Adam Scott?

It was the first week of April, and busy season was officially coming to an end for me. One of my audit managers was on some committee related to the Shell Houston Open, so he gave me a few free tickets to check out the tournament. After receiving a day off and picking up a parking pass from my friend Edwin, Albert, Hao, and I were ready to make the Friday trek up to Redstone Golf Club in Humble, Texas.

Since I wanted to watch Phil Mickelson represent my then-employer KPMG, and since Hao had a mancrush on Adam Scott, we decided to follow their group. We watched Phil and Adam play the 215-yard par-3 14th hole. Mickelson bogeyed while Scott saved par. The two of them then started making their way to the 15th tee, and we had a prime spot for the two-man parade. As Adam Scott approached us, I said something to the likes of “nice save, Adam,” and he looked at me and gave me a head nod.

That’s the end of the story. They don’t allow cameras at the SHO, so I don’t have any proof of this incident, but Albert and Hao are witnesses.

So by this point, you’re probably accusing me of false advertisement; does a head nod really qualify as “meeting” someone?

In a word, yes. Yes, it does. We made eye contact, and there was a definite connection during that split second. You lovebirds out there who believe in “love at first sight” can back me up here -- this is the same thing; except that instead of butterflies in my stomach, I got a courteous head nod.

I shared this little anecdote because it is Masters week, and I wanted to talk some golf. Since Albert has spread the Tiger love so rampantly, I would just like to say that his sentiments do not necessarily represent all of Gym Class All Stars. I used to love Tiger Woods. Back in my middle school and high school years, when the only golf equipment to my name was a 7-iron I bought from Academy, an old putter from who knows where, and three stray golf balls I found at Sweetwater Country Club, I would sit mesmerized on Sunday afternoons watching Tiger perpetually find a way to win.

But I just can’t bring myself to cheer for the man anymore. I previously wrote this in a comment to Albert’s Haterade, but it’s hard to believe how far he and his image have fallen since that fateful Thanksgiving night. I respect his work ethic, and he will go down as the greatest to ever play the game, but his life choices and personal problems are too much for me to overcome as a fan.

The problem is that hardly anyone have taken advantage of the situation to win my fanhood. Adam Scott -- despite our moment -- started using a long putter, which no self-respecting man under the age of 60 should ever touch. Anthony Kim stopped performing; the man has missed more cuts this year than a blind point guard. The only pros to step up to the plate? The Golf Boys.

If you’re ever wondering why I’m a Ben Crane fan, you can always refer back to this video for starters. So going into the 2012 Masters, I will be cheering for Ben Crane. But don’t worry, Adam Scott -- your head nod earned you a spot on my fantasy golf team. No, you’re not starting, but it’s better than nothing.

Photo and video courtesy of Andrew Redington/Getty Images and YouTube


Golf Boys going off on Gym Class All Stars this week.

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