Sunday, April 1, 2012

WrestleMania 28 Live Blog

Today is WrestleMania 28 with the match of The Rock vs. John Cena headlining the event.
I will be posting personal reactions and play-by-play, with consistent updates throughout the night.

Key Matchups:

  • John Cena vs. The Rock
  • Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk (WWE Championship)
  • Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus (World Heavyweight Championship)
  • The Undertaker vs Triple H
The Undertaker tries to keep his record perfect at WrestleMania, which currently stands at 19-0. Personal favorite Santino Marella will be leading a seven-man tag team match, which means I will be closely watching that match and expecting some comedic relief from my boy Santino.

7:01 PM
First thought: I hope it rains during the Undertaker match. Second thought: why would you buy nosebleed seats to this; you can't see anything from up there. Hope The Rock and Cena match lives up to the year-long promotion.
7:07 PM
Now we know Sheamus looks even paler in natural light -- didn't think this was possible. First match of the night is the World Heavyweight Championship match between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan. Tons of "Yes!" signs in support of Daniel Bryan today.
7:10 PM
Shortest title match ever, 18 seconds, as Daniel Bryan takes a Brogue Kick from Sheamus to start the match which turned in to a quick count-out. If you paid for this match, you clearly didn't get your money's worth. Hope WWE uses the extra time wisely tonight, since this match took a New York minute.
7:20 PM
Hope this second match between Randy Orton and Cain takes longer than the last match.
7:31 PM
Cain wins; match was pretty uneventful. Filler scene with Santino! Even if it is a shameless plug for another TV show, more face time for Santino is always a win in my book. Up next: Big Show vs Cody Rhodes.
7:41 PM
Big Show plants his @$$ right on Cody's face for some good classic entertainment. Fight has been predictable so far. Big Show starts strong only to let his opponent take shots at his leg to bring him to the ground.
7:53 PM
Celebrity guest Maria Menounos is teaming up with Kelly Kelly to face Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix in a tag team match. Maria is rumored to have a broken rib, but more importantly, how did she fit this into her schedule with Dancing with the Stars currently taking place?
7:58 PM
Celebrities always walk away victorious, but that Kelly Kelly front flip off the top rope was quite amazing and worth watching again. Also quick note: 78,363 is the number they are reporting for attendance at the stadium tonight.
8:08 PM
Here we go! It is finally dark outside, and the stage is set for Triple H and the Undertaker to beat the crap out of each other. If it's anything like last year get ready for a marathon of a match with drastic momentum changes.
8:12 PM
Undertaker at last reveals his shaved head without a wig or hood on. Time to lower the cage for hell in the cell.Out of all the matches tonight, Undertaker is the biggest favorite according to Las Vegas with the odds set at Undertaker (-900) vs. Triple H (+500).
8:28 PM
Its going to take a lot more than stairs and chairs to get me to start believing that the Undertaker is going to lose this one. Friend next to me just commented: "Undertaker can't lose at WrestleMania, I bet it's in his contract." Well here comes the sledgehammer; maybe that will change our opinion.
8:39 PM
How many times will a ref be thrown in this match? It feels like it's been going on for a hour, yet it's only been about 25 minutes. Seems like this fight has just picked up from last year. HBK is now sitting traumatized in the corner after being thrown around by both competitors.
8:46 PM
As entertaining as that was, the fact everyone still knew the outcome just really hurts the appeal of the match. The question now is who the heck will face Undertaker next WrestleMania...
9:06 PM
Did Heath Slater just call Flo Rida Florida, didn't know they would have a musical guest at this event. Now it's my main event: 7 v 7 tag team with team captain Santino!
9:18 PM
SANTINO! Of course team Teddy couldn't win, but Santino put on a great show with splits, jumps, and the cobra. Other highlights from the match: Hornswoggle jumping off the top rope and then getting caught midair and thrown to the ground; Woo Woo Woo failing; and Zack Ryder getting kicked in the balls by Eve after he lost. Only two matches left -- up next is CM Punk vs Chris Jericho, should be fun.
9:28 PM
Might be more lights on Chris Jericho than your average Christmas tree. Also just want to say I am tired of John Laurinaitis, and they really need to kill that storyline soon.
9:42 PM
What kind of man is Jericho? After he almost pulls off CM Punk's pants and shows the world a bit of butt crack... glad Jericho has given up on the idea of trying to win the belt on disqualification. CM Punk rolls out of a "Walls of Jericho" attempt.
9:48 PM
CM Punk pulls off a clean "Go to Sleep" but fails to get the three-count as Jericho get a leg on the rope.
9:52 PM
CM Punk crawls to the rope to escape another "Walls of Jericho" attempt. Tons of jumps in and out of the ring as this is turning out to be a decent match.
9:56 PM
Failed "GTS" leads to another "Walls of Jericho," yet CM Punk twists his way out once again. CM Punk wins with a choke that leads to a tap-out by Jericho.
10:00 PM
Alright now it is time for the main event! Cena vs Rock, two stars from two different decades finally face off -- a true WWE fan's dream matchup. It's like if we could get to see Michael Jordan go one-on-one with Kobe Bryant.
10:03 PM
Looks like we have a small break with a surprise appearance from Funkasaurus! Dancer in old lady fat suits dancing with Funkasaurus is a nice distraction as they get ready for Rock vs Cena.
10:06 PM
G.I. Joe trailer! Get excited. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Bruce Willis join the cast from the first G.I. Joe movie. Hopefully it comes close to being as entertaining as the last movie Dwayne was in, "Fast Five."
10:11 PM
Who is MGK? And how did they end up at this event performing?
10:15 PM
I think it is safe to say that Rock has the better intro artist with Flo Rida, but this guy seriously needs to wear a shirt.
10:20 PM
10:27 PM
Match is underway, and you can feel the energy of the stadium through the TV. The crowd is already making this event live up to the hype -- it's the first time tonight that I wish I was at the stadium. The match is building up slowly though.
10:36 PM
This announcer is losing credibility after giving so much credit to the bear hug by John Cena. Rock starting to look like the Rock from 10 years ago until Cena counters and finishes off a Five Finger Shuffle. Of course that is not enough to end this match on a night like this.
10:39 PM
Rock mocks John Cena with a "U Can't See Me" which gives Cena the opening for an "Attitude Adjustment." Naturally the pin fails again. We won't be seeing anyone counted out at least til the clock strikes 11:00 PM.
10:46 PM
Two failed "Sharp Shooter" attempts by The Rock. After watching all the failed "Walls of Jerichos" today I think I am done when it comes to submissions. Cena thrown into the stairs but quickly gains momentum with an STF submission. Doubt this match will end with a tap-out, but if it does, I would want my money back had I had paid for this.
10:58 PM
Wow, Rock jumps off the top rope into Cena's arm and somehow ends up in another "Attitude Adjustment." The Rock survives again and acts fallen by just lying there until Cena gives him an opening for a "Rock Bottom!" IT'S OVER -- THE ROCK WINS!
11:00 PM
Goodnight everyone! Now it's time to watch Game of Thrones on the DVR.


Is pregnant Snooki wrestling this year?

That was the best intro for a sporting event this year. USA! USA! USA!

you can't mock the Brahma Bull!

Reading this brought me back to my middle and high school days watching Smackdown on UPN20. The Rock defies time.

watched the whole thing -- wrestling is back

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