Thursday, April 19, 2012

Standing Ovation: Jon Jones

If you call yourself a man, then you should know that UFC 145 is this weekend! I would like to take a second and give a standing ovation to Jon "Bones" Jones and his awesome trash talking leading up to the fight.

10 Quick Facts:

  1. Jon Jones is 24 years old. He is currently the light heavy weight champion. 15-1 record.
  2. Rashad Evans is 32 years old. He is the former light heavy weight champion. 16-1-1 record.
  3. The two used to train together at the same gym in New Mexico.
  4. The two had an agreement to never fight each other because of their friendship.
  5. UFC 126: Jones beat Ryan Bader then rushed back to NM to help Evans get ready for his bout.
  6. UFC 128: Evans was scheduled for a title fight against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. He injured his knee and had to withdraw from the match. Jones was announced as the replacement and went on to beat Shogun, becoming the youngest UFC champion ever.
  7. The two quickly parted ways. Jones stayed in New Mexico. Rashad formed a new team in Florida.
  8. UFC 133: Jones and Evans were scheduled to fight but Jones injured his hand before the fight.
  9. UFC 140: Jones and Evans were scheduled again to fight but Evans injured his thumb before the fight.
  10. UFC 145: This Saturday night. Jones v. Evans. Title Fight. 5 rounds. Let's do this!
Alright, now to the trash talking:

"Rashad has tendencies. He's fought so long I've figured out his favorite moves. I don't have favorite moves. He has no clue what to expect."

"He couldn't even finish Phil Davis. I realize in that fight, Rashad didn't execute one double-leg takedown. Double leg used to be his bread and butter. I just watch the young Rashad and I see so much speed and the constant movement and the double leg that used to be so powerful. Now I see a very slow regression. I see somebody who's old."

"We know which way his head is going to lean when he flinches. We know his favorite guard passes. We know what his work ethic was. We know what gets him tired. We know everything about him. Absolutely everything."

"I'm intrigued that he's so obsessed with my character. I don't know why it's so personal for Rashad, but it makes it better for me. Rashad's attacking my character. But at the same time, I'm not really caring about Rashad's character. I care about his technique, his mentality as a warrior, not the person he is."

"I am who I am. Rashad is who changes up who he is. Constantly. One minute he has a do-rag on and wants to play the thug. One minute he has the suit on and wants to play the intellectual black guy. He's the one who's confused with what his character is."

"I'm excited. I wobbled Rampage a little bit when I hit him, and I wobbled Lyoto when I hit him. And I think out of those guys, Rashad has the weakest chin. I think he has the weakest chin of anyone I've fought, and I think I'm going to exploit that."

"I don't look at Rashad as a former friend. I look at him as someone who's trying to take things away from me. He doesn't care about me. He doesn't care about my kids. Why should I care about him? This is a game, and my job is to destroy him."

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Random thoughts:

I really don't know who to root for. I was never the biggest fan of Rashad but I like how he has TUF roots. Evans is also the underdog and has the one style that could possibly give Jones problems.

At the same time, Jones could make a Silva like run and we might eventually see a Jones vs. Silva fight, which would be much more interesting than GSP vs. Silva

Have you seen the primetimes and countdowns?

Why isn't HBO doing a 24 on this fight?

I've definitely seen the primetimes and countdowns! =]

I think there will be something like 24/7 for the UFC eventually since the sport is becoming more and more individualistic. Dana is a genius so I wouldn't put anything relating to marketing passed him.

I'm a huge Bones fan. Obviously, I pick him to win this fight but I admit a part of me wants to see him to lose just because I think it will make him better in the long run. With that being said, I definitely don't want it to be Rashad -- I can't stand the guy lol.

Not a fan of Evans, but not a fan of Bones either, only because I always hate on young guys who gain success so fast... same reason I disliked Lebron and Kobe from the start.

Caleb making a run at The Hater title.

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