Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Lady Swag

Michelle Obama striking a pose. And not just any pose -- the Heisman pose.

Photo courtesy of Chuck Kennedy / White House


Jo, did you see when she got slimed at the Kids' Choice Awards? Obama swag.

This is just part of her campaign to change the American belief that she is too serious... seems pretty forced to me.

I don't see anything wrong with her being too serious. Princeton University, Harvard Law, associate dean at U of Chicago. IMO, She could be smarter than her husband.

COULD be? Michelle Obama owns.

I agree, but I think she doesn't want to come off as an "angry black women" I hope she can just be her, politics get dirty... by the way Jo great picture find!

she's fashionable....for sure.

Caleb's blogger account got hacked by Mitt Romney

I hate how no one knows how to correctly do the Heisman pose, smh.

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