Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday Night Fights: Playoffs Round 3

Sorry for the late Sunday night post. It's been a busy week and weekend, but this week's best NHL playoff fight is pretty easy to pick. Well, it's because it was the only fight of the week. Lucky me! This week's showcase belongs to Brandon Purst of the New York Rangers and Chris Neil of the Ottawa Senators. This bout featured two middleweights who aren't shy about dropping the mitts. According to, Brandon Purst led the entire league this year throwing it down 20 times. Chris Neil isn't much of a fighting slouch either, engaging in 10 fights this year. When you only have one fight to choose from, there's a huge chance that it'll be a total hugfest and wrestling match. All signs were pointing to this not-so-exciting ending, but with the help of the Ottawa faithful, things turn a pleasant turn for the average spectator. So let's get right to it!

Real men fight with their eyes close!

This tilt epitomizes the entirety of the New York Rangers' and Ottawa Senators' first round match-up as it all seven games to decide a winner. Midway during the 1st period of Game 6 in Ottawa with Ottawa leading the series 3-2, Purst and Neil find each other at center ice and decide to put on a show for the fans. Neil gets in a great uppercut to discharge Purst's helmet and then both start exchanging a barrage of rights as they do-si-do. Repeat barrage of rights and do-si-do some more. Commence hugfest and a seasoned hockey fight specialist would start guessing that this fight will be broken up soon as both men look pretty gassed. OH but wait on a second! The fans start chanting "NEIL! NEIL! NEIL!" and well ladies and gents, we have ourselves an adrenaline pick-me-up. Neil even plays along with the fans as he acknowledges Ottawa faithfuls. Both men then start letting it all go, throwing rights and more rights, and more rights. In all, the fight lasted about a minute and it was a beauty. I tip my imaginary cap to Purst and Neil as both stood in there relentlessly throwing haymakers and never calling it keeps. A job well done, fellas!

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Neil might have won the battle, but we won the war! Let's go Rangers!

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