Monday, April 2, 2012

In 140 Words or Less: The Hunger Games Review

It’s kinda unfair to write a review of The Hunger Games. The hype before its release was so big that there was almost no way it could ever live up to it. (The Dark Knight is the only recent movie I can think of that was able to deliver a product that matched people’s anticipation.)

I’d describe THG as “adequate.” There was nothing spectacular or offensive, though I could’ve done without the shaky camera. Purists will be glad that it stuck to the plot laid out in the book, and people who haven’t read it should be able to follow the story. As is often the case in big budget adaptations, context and character development were pared down in favor of special effects. Also, I’m not a proponent of violence person, but the action was too sanitized to be truly affecting.

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With a movie of this magnitude, I think the director has to choose either character development or following the plot of the book -- you can't have both. Obviously with this movie, they chose to go with keeping the story intact, and it was a great movie in that sense. Unfortunately (especially for non-readers), you lose the ability to see those relationships truly developed (ie Katniss/Gale, Katniss/Cinna, etc). Just my two cents.

Ditto about the shaky camera, which sucked when sitting in the first few rows (big mistake). The movie couldn't quite clearly convey the first-person thoughts in the book as much as we'd like :( I totally would have appreciated more Kat-Peeta development rather than chariot flames!

"Also, I’m not a proponent of violence person, but the action was too sanitized to be truly affecting."


^agreed. Smashing final sentence

HBO should make this a tv series

Hunger Games almost became a TV series instead of a movie. The more I think about it, the more I think the story might've been better suited over a few seasons instead of three movies.

Then it would be "too" violent and gory. loselose. #TeamHBO

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