Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fantasy Fantasies - Cash and Trash

A quick Fantasy Fantasies this week with the return of Cash and Trash!  A bunch of big names on the DL, time to make some moves!!

How does someone throw like that?


Trevor Bauer - With Dan Hudson hitting the DL, this kid could get the call as early as May.  I mean, Collmenter and Cahill aren't exactly scaring teams, so why not call up the next Lincecum?!

Jon Rauch - F^2 realizes that he's been pitching too well and it's time to blow some games.  For all you save chasers and win vultures out there.

Francisco Cordero - Shouldn't be available in any competitive league, but with Santos on the DL, he's the man north of the border eh.

Alejandro De Aza - Not sure why this guy isn't fully owned in all leagues yet, but with 3 homers so far along with 30 steal potential, he's a must add in any league.

Gerardo Parra - This guy is stealing bases like no other. Get him while he's hot!


Jonathan Sanchez - The Royals are pretty bad, but Sanchez looks terrible right now.

Chone Figgins - Too good to be true.

Chad Billingsley - What a tease.

Jeff Francoeur - Reverting back to his New York Met days!

Geovany Soto - Not sure why anyone ever drafts this guy?  How anyone can think he's better than a waiver wire pickup is beyond me.

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I'm not ready to trash Chad Billingsley yet!!

@OG - Let's see how he does tomorrow vs. the Nats!

@mokalus - Soto is the worst

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