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Money in the Bank 2012 Live Blog

Daniel Bryan proposing to AJ right after she proposed to CM Punk and was turned down.
Today's event doesn't have the same excitement surrounding it as WrestleMania 28 did, but it should still be an exciting couple of hours. I will be posting personal reactions and play-by-play with consistent updates throughout the night.

Key matchups:

  • CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan (special ref AJ)
  • Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio
  • Money in the Bank (WWE Championship)
  • Money in the Bank (World Heavy Weight Championship)
8:00 PM
First thoughts: glad the only pay per view that is ever outdoors is WrestleMania. Will someone cash in the briefcase tonight, and will someone finally fail to claim the belt after winning the Money in the Bank?
8:05 PM
Why would you open with the voice of Vickie Guerrero... SANTINO!!!!! Here we go! I guess it's all downhill from here.
8:08 PM
Tyson Kidd? did Jason Kidd have a secret child? Four no-names in tonight's Money in the Bank (World Heavy Weight Championship).
8:11 PM
Is Tensai even Asian?!??!?! Tensai takes the early lead, which means he most likely won't be walking away with the briefcase tonight.
8:13 PM
Who the heck is this guy in the pink briefs and purple knee pads... not even going to bother to get to know his name. Sin Cara is always entertaining.  Is tonight the night he finally gets his chance for a shot at the belt?
8:16 PM
Tyson Kidd might have made a rookie mistake in teaming up with Christian early, but he's looking pretty good so far. Oh, so much for that, here comes Tensai...
8:18 PM
Looks like we have to take a short break because the wings are here!! I'm hoping that Santino walks away with the upset, but one of my sources (not a real fan) is still pulling for Tensai the Fasian (fake Asian).
8:20 PM
Ever wonder what everyone else is doing when it's just two men in the ring?  That's what I would be watching if i was there live, but I guess they would just be rolling around on the ground.
8:21 PM
Christian tried to do the "Spear," the signature move of his best buddy Edge, yeah... I guess he should just let that move retire along with Edge.
8:22 PM
Here comes Tensai the Fasian as we eat Fasian wings (Asian fusion wings from Wings to Go).
8:23 PM
Santino!!!! With the split! The diving headbutt, then finishes Dolph with the COBRA!!! Can he overcome his fear of heights and bring it home?!?!? I guess... not =(
8:25 PM
Cody Rhodes seemed like a possibility, but of course, Vickie had to get involved... Christian and Dolph Ziggler both seem to be good bets too, but still hoping for an outside miracle for Santino.
8:28 PM
Wow a flurry of action that looked pretty painful... Santino still has a shot!
8:29 PM
Dolph being thrown in the announcer chair at a weird angle looked pretty dangerous... oh down goes Santino again, and it looks like Dolph is going to take it.
8:30 PM
Dolph Ziggler takes the first Money in the Bank! Wow this matchup was pretty action-packed, looks like Ziggler will finally get his first major title after all...
8:40 PM
The Miz has been added to the second Money in the Bank matchup after being away shooting a movie for 2 months.
8:45 PM
Roberto Del Rio comes in driving a nice blue car that sources say is an old school Aston Martin while Sheamus looks as pale as ever.
8:50 PM
Ricardo's distraction works again in Roberto Del Rio's cause. Del Rio continues to target the injured arm of Sheamus.
8:57 PM
Back and forth... just two big guys going blow for blow, and what was Del Rio doing pinching Sheamus' cheeks? What would you call that move? "The Annoying Aunt"?
9:00 PM
Of course this match ends with Roberto Del Rio taking a Brogue Kick to the face as Sheamus retains the World Heavy Weight Championship.
9:04 PM
Del Rio and Ricardo take out Sheamus, and Dolph Ziggler comes in to try to cash in the Money in the Bank but takes a Brogue Kick before the bell rung. Sheamus retains the belt, and Ziggler still has the Money in the Bank.
9:06 PM
Daniel Bryan has clearly lost his mind, but I guess we were taught in 1st grade that girls that like you hit you back.
9:14 PM
This tag team match is AWFUL... I pretty much stopped watching...
9:19 PM
Worst match of the night, and the promoter needs to stop talking... glad his team lost...
9:21 PM
R Truth throws water at the promoter, that was great... and this imaginary Little Jimmy is growing on me.
9:25 PM
CM Punk versus Daniel Bryan! YES YES YES for AJ, this girl is CRAZY...
9:28 PM
I love how the camera pans to a sign Crazy Chick when AJ is introduced, and here comes the YES man Daniel Bryan, when did he become such a tool...
9:31 PM
Here we go, who is going to win the WWE Championship, and who is going to having AJ's heart?
9:34 PM
AJ does not look qualified to ref this match -- she seems to be very passive so far and kind of scared...
9:36 PM
Does he really need to say YES every time he hits CM Punk, loving how the crowd says "no" following every "yes."
9:38 PM
Punk accidentally takes out AJ, could have seen that coming... I guess nothing will happen until AJ returns to the ring. We all know that AJ will have to play a role in the result of this one.
9:42 PM
Was the "we want tables" chant planted? I wonder what else is under the ring today after Punk finds a table and Bryan ends up with a Kendo stick... not even caring about the pins right now till AJ comes back.
9:46 PM
Both men seem to have a pretty good amount of fans in the building, but i think there are still more CM Punk fans... when is AJ coming back?
9:49 PM
Failed yes lock, failed GTS, and now CM Punk finds the Kendo Stick... still waiting for AJ's return.
9:50 PM
Finally AJ's back! With a wicked smile! Looks like she is looking for some revenge.
9:51 PM
AJ has a chair, looks like she wants the see the two of them beat the crap out of each other.
9:53 PM
Both CM Punk and DB make it to the second count, AJ flashes an endearing smile, but that is wiped off after witnessing DB unload on CM Punk. Now Punk has the chair, things are not looking good for DB.
9:54 PM
AJ is starting to dislike the punishment that both men are taking... clearly this girl is confused.
9:56 PM
CM Punk looks to jump off the top rope with DB laying on the chair, but ends up landing on the chair as DB rolls away.
9:57 PM
DB puts Punk in a Yes lock, but somehow gets out and lands a GTS on Daniel Bryan... and by some miracle, DB breaks out after a 2-count.
9:58 PM
CM Punk has brought out the table, prediction time: I think AJ is going through this table, and another ref will come out to finish up the count-out with a CM Punk win...
10:00 PM
I guess not, DB is driven through the table and loses as CM Punk makes the cover while both of them lay on the broken table.
10:01 PM
CM Punk wins.  AJ looks completely stunned. I guess this leaves things open-ended for this random love triangle storyline.
10:05 PM
Another filler match... looks like a wannabe Goldberg versus a couple cavemen (if cavemen wore neon green pants).  I think this match will end within 5 minutes.
10:11 PM
Why is this match still going on... please end now. There we go, it's over, and on a sidenote nice "feed him s'mores" sign.
10:14 PM
I forgot there has to be a Diva fight before we can get to the last main event of the night... hope this is quick. Usually is with so many girls being involved.
10:20 PM
Alright, last Money in the Bank match up.  Many big names in this one; it should be fun, and since it's so late already, it could be quick.
10:25 PM
Kane, Big Show, Miz, Chris Jericho, and John Cena. Let's get it on! Surprised this is John Cena's first Money in the Bank match.
10:29 PM
Miz is the first to set up the ladder while the others are busy fighting outside the ring. Big Show drops a ladder on Jericho. Cena bounces right off of the Big Show, slams Kane, and slaps the Miz. Big Show looks like a rock today and doesn't even budge as Jericho tries ramming a ladder into him.
10:31 PM
Everyone now takes turns taking shots at Big Show with John Cena finishing him off by lifting him and slamming him through the Spanish announcer table. Now everyone is piling ladders on top of the body of Big Show. So far this has been highly entertaining.
10:32 PM
How did Miz end up in the Walls of Jericho?  Miz has fallen off the map these past two years.
10:34 PM
Ladder is up, and Cena is there alone. Now Miz is alone, but Kane throws a ladder at Miz and has a chance to end this match.
10:36 PM
Miz and Jericho stop Kane, and here comes Cena to join the action. I have a feeling Big Show is getting some nice rest under the pile of ladders and will end up winning this Money in the Bank.
10:37 PM
Big Show is in the ring and just broke the ladder that Jericho was standing on. There you have it, a Chris Jericho ladder sandwich... Big Show is now throwing ladders at everyone.
10:40 PM
Big Show still needs to find a ladder that he can use to climb.  He finds it under the table. Now that's one big ladder, looks heavy even for the Big Show.
10:41 PM
This ladder makes Big Show look normal.  Here comes Kane to meet Big Show at the top of the ladder. Kane is knocked off, but here's Cena. Cena is knocked off, and Jericho takes out the Big Show from the back with a chair.
10:43 PM
Cena and Jericho slowly climb to meet at the top, Cena goes for the AA, but Jericho gets Cena in a sleeper hold. Cena seems to still be moving towards the Money in the Bank as he looks like he's going to pass out.
10:46 PM
Cena passes out and falls off the ladder while Jericho and Miz both get their hands on the briefcase, Jericho briefly hangs on to the suitcase while he swings in the air as Big Show climbs up the ladder and take the two smaller men out.
10:47 PM
John Cena comes out of nowhere and uses the case to block punches from Big Show. Using the case as a weapon, John Cena breaks the case off the chain and has won the money in the bank!
10:49 PM
John Cena wins Money in the Bank (WWE Championship).  How boring and predictable...
10:50 PM
Oh well, for the most part, today's Money in the Bank was entertaining.

Winners of tonight's main events:

Dolph Ziggler - Money in the Bank (World Heavy Weight Championship)
Sheamus - World Heavy Weight Championship
CM Punk - WWE Championship
John Cena - Money in the Bank (WWE Championship)

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i spy inappropriate mouse cursor placement in the photo above

hahaha, didn't notice, photo courtesy of

I hate Ziggler, even in his days of the Spirit Squad

Santino's Cobra is the most electrifying move in sports entertainment

Can they bring back the Legion of Doom? Clearly the greatest tag team in the history of wrestling.

Ziggler has no personality, and yes the Cobra is by far the most exciting move in WWE, its just too bad Santino is afraid of heights =)

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