Friday, July 20, 2012

In 140 Words or Less: Suits Review

Suits centers around hot-shot lawyer Harvey and his first-year associate Mike, a brilliant guy who did not, in fact, go to law school. The episodes tend to follow the procedural formula: after struggling for the first 32 minutes and a couple of red herrings, the guys have an “a-ha” moment through a random incident or conversation and outmaneuver their opponent. While the set-up may not sound innovative and reason does need to be suspended a bit (my lawyer friend confirmed that lawyers don’t practice all sorts of law, just like the same doctor doesn’t take out both your appendix and your baby), the sharp writing and fine casting of the leads, particularly Harvey (Gabriel Macht), make it a worthy show to add to your summer lineup.

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One of the best shows on television right now. And I take everything that happens on this show as truth. Also might explain why I'm again tempted to become a lawyer.

love it ... im glad the dude from Behind Enemy Lines who dies could find a good role to play

Yeah, new favorite show, along with White Collar!

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