Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Huddle: Jeremy Lin

If you haven't heard the news by now, get out from under the rock you're living under, and as soon as your eyes have adjusted to the light, listen to this news: the New York Knicks decided not to match the 3 year $25 million offer for Jeremy Lin, and Linsanity has landed (back) in Houston.  Everybody and their mother (literally) has an opinion about it, so we figured it was time for another Gym Class All Stars huddle.  Feel free to leave your own thoughts about the newest Rocket!

1. When did you become a Jeremy Lin fan?

Norman: I'll admit it. Wasn't a believer until Feb 4, 2012. Was at PVuong's bday bash and was reading ESPN on my phone when he broke out with 25pts against the Nets.

Leu: Had a little liking for him after his breakout game against UCONN in his Harvard days. Followed him here and there and then he showed up John Wall during the summer league a couple years ago, and well, the mancrushing was on!

Mok: I didn't believe in any of the hype til I actually got a chance to see him play a full game versus the Lakers. He still needs to work on his ballhandling, spot-up shooting, and defense, but he's a very heady player who excels at isolation and pick-and-roll plays.

Caleb: When he was playing in Harvard during his Junior year. 

Olivia: Impressed since his senior year of college, when I watched him play against Cornell.

Peter: Knew of him at Harvard but wasn't a fan until he started showing up in KevJumba videos.

Alby: I think he is a nice story. I am not a fan nor do I hate the guy. I hate the media, my friends, Facebook, Twitter, and everything else in between when he's playing. The NBA got much better for me when he went down (not because I wanted him to get injured -- I would never wish that on anyone) because I was finally able to hear/see/read about other players in the NBA.

2. What were the Knicks thinking? 

Norman: They're thinking short-term. Forgot how much more ticket prices jumped after Lin started winning (even after the spike with the Melo trade), how many jerseys sold, and how all Asian moms became Knicks fans overnight asking their husbands, sons, and daughters how basketball works.

Leu: They weren't.

Mok: It's all about the Benjamins, and I guess after Eddy Curry, Steve Francis, Stephon Marbury, etc, James Dolan finally decided he was done dishing it out so freely. I'm just glad I dropped my Madison Square Garden stock at the tail end of Linsanity because it's about to take a bigger hit than the lightpole that Jason Kidd rammed into.

Caleb: As a Knicks fan my whole life, I have learned to stop trying to figure out what the Knicks are thinking.

Olivia: Unclear. But it's too bad that Knicks fans keep on getting Dolan-ed.

Peter: This may be a telling sign of the financial troubles the Knicks/Dolan are in.  Keep a watch on this as the season develops.

Alby: Big mistake. Stupid decision. They weren't thinking. Unfortunately, the front office has held the best franchise in the NBA back for decades now and continues to do so with this shortsighted decision.

3. How many Rockets tickets are you buying for next season?

Norman: 0. Can't root for Houston after 1994.

Leu: None. I don't like the Rockets.

Mok: Sign me up for when the Knicks visit Houston. And the Clippers and Thunder so I can see the envy close-up on CP3's and Westbrook's faces at not starting at the All-Star game.

Caleb: None.

Olivia: I'd probably stop by when the Rockets swing through Boston.

Peter: Going to try to attend 2-3 when I come back to the USA later this year.

Alby: Zero. But I will go to Rockets Play Day and wave my finger in Dikembe's face. Oh, I already did that.

4. Can Jeremy Lin surpass Yao's legacy in Houston?

Norman: Think so... as long as he stays healthy and consistent. Yao was pretty much on the DL for most of his last few years, so not too too hard

Leu: I think he already has even though he'll never win a playoff series with Houston.

Mok: He already has in my book. F Yao.

Caleb: Already has.

Olivia: He's already endeared himself to the Asian-American population more than Yao ever could by virtue of the fact that he is far more relatable (read: not a non-English speaking giant). For the city at large, homeboy just needs to get the Rockets into the second round of the playoffs and he's golden.

Peter: The loss of Yao left a giant-sized hole in the Rockets lineup and marketing strategy. Lin should be more than enough to fill that hole.  In terms of legacy, still too early to crown him.

Alby: Yes. The hype machine is much bigger than it was 10 years ago, and it continues to grow exponentially each year.

5. New town. New team. Come up with a new Jeremy Lin slogan/nickname!

Norman: Texas gonna become the Lin Star State? Can't think of anything creative.

Leu: Jer-Dur.

Mok: Jeremy.

Caleb: Linsatiate.

Olivia: Houst-lin Rockets.

Peter: Linpossible is nothing. Linning is everything.

Alby: Starting point guard of the Houston Rockets.

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I started rooting for Jeremy Lin immediately when the Knicks picked him up. I remember watching Knicks games and jokingly wanting them to either destroy the opponent or lose badly, so they'd put Lin in. But I didn't begin to believe until Jan 20. After just being sent down to the D-League, he had a Triple-Double (28 points, 12 assists, 11 rebounds) in one game, and was immediately recalled back up to the Knicks. I remember after that performance, I had this HOPE that he could be something big. The Knicks were playin terrible, Toney Douglas was TERRIBLE. I was awaiting the Knicks to give Lin a chance, and that finally came on Feb 3 in a loss against the Celtics. JLin didn't play much, but the the team obviously ran better with the ball in his hands vs. Toney Douglas (TERRIBLE!) The next game was his signature 25 pt game beating D-Will and the Nets and you know the rest of the story. I was walkin on air in February. Ironically, it wasn't because the NY Giants just won the Super Bowl. It was because of Linsanity.

Sucks that Toney has to back up Jeremy again.

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