Friday, July 13, 2012

Fantasy Fantasies - Nut Up or Move on

We had a nice break at the Midsummer Classic with the Senior Circuit laying the smackdown on the American Leaguers, but it's time to get back to business.  If you want to make a run in your fantasy league, make some trades, pick up some warm bodies, do something. Even if you are killing your league, it never hurts to look for some improvements or to start thinking ahead to the playoffs.  The cash and trash section will be replaced by some wise words from the great Bob Kraft: "nut up or move on."

"Nut Up" - Here are some buy-low targets or guys who might be available in your league's waiver wire:

Lance Berkman - He was doing fine before the injury, and he can still provide very good stats as a 3/4 OF or Util slot guy.  

Juan Carlos Oviedo aka Leo Nunez - He'll be back from suspension on July 22nd, and with Heath Bell literally pooping the bed every night as the Marlins closer, you could do worse.  Steve Cishek could also see some burn, so monitor this situation.  

Franklin Morales - I don't know, but I just see OG JLau picking this guy up every week for a spot start, and it usually pays off for him.  You could do worse for a 6/7 starter.

Justin Upton - I think he'll have very good 2nd half, only because he can't be much worse.  Offer someone some Aaron Hill and see if you can get away with it.  

Erick Aybar - The Angels are going to be red hot in the 2nd half, and I see Aybar making a bounce-back.  He's been hitting .300 the last 5 games before the break.

Sergio Romo - I really don't trust Casilla, and Romo won't hurt you in any category.

Matt Harvey - It's a METS prospect!  Don't do it...yet.

Brandon Lyon - Myers should be traded by the deadline, so stash some saves.

Ryan Dempster - Could get traded to a NL West team in LA.  A good landing spot.  

"Move On" - These guys either aren't worth the roster spot or are sell-high targets:

Dustin Ackley - Unless you are in a real deep or heavy-MI league, Ackley isn't worth more than a waiver wire pickup like Seager, Aybar, Espinosa, Escobar, Johnson, the list goes on...

Francisco Liriano - Borderline droppable, but if he gets traded, a change in scenery could make a difference.  But more than likely, he'll get blown up just as often as he puts in a quality turn.

Josh Reddick - He's been red-hot, but I would sell right now.

Aaron Hill - Having a monster season.  His value will never be higher.

AJ Pierzynski / Carlos Ruiz - Don't think they keep up their torrid paces the rest of the way.  If someone will give you something valuable for a catcher, it's a good time to sell.

Rafael Furcal - Due for some DL time.

Kyle Lohse - Struggled mightily after the break.  Sell right now if you can.

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good idea for the Brandon Lyon pickup

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