Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Messing with Texas

This past Saturday, my friend Khoi and I spent the evening at Stout, the local Texas Longhorn bar in NYC, watching Texas completely dominate Iowa State. As we cheered, chanted, and sang, one thing was different than usual. Our fight song didn’t end with the classic “Make them eat sh*t”. Instead, "OU Sucks" chants rang throughout the bar. It was clear OU weekend was just around the corner. I have never been part of a more heated and exciting rivalry since I stopped rooting for the Yankees in 1998. In the past decade, we haven’t seen more consistent programs than Texas and Oklahoma, and with both teams undefeated so far this year, the stakes could not be higher.

But the story has changed from 3 years ago, the last time they entered this legendary weekend with perfect records. Back then, both teams had high profile QBs in Bradford and McCoy with battle-tested defenses. This year, Oklahoma brings an almost identical team to the 2008 version with big names like Landry Jones, Ryan B, and a number one ranking entering the season. Their secondary has a self proclaimed nickname (Sharks) that was broadcasted to the sports world during an ESPN segment. On the other hand, my beloved Longhorns entered the season unranked in some polls and has needed to prove themselves week after week. Looking at the Texas roster, you would get the same reaction reporters got when asking the Oklahoma team how they felt about players like David Ash.  “Who’s that”? Many names like McCoy, Shipley, and Acho might sound familiar. The only problem is that their first names aren’t Colt, Jordan, and Sam.

There is a lot of pressure weighing on Oklahoma to continue winning, but that is no different this week than any other. They need to be perfect to make it to the national championship game and they know that. One might think there is nothing to lose for Texas, but I disagree. If Texas fails to win, the critics will be back. They will lose the credibility they earned from the first 4 wins and could end up losing confidence and nose diving with a tough game against Oklahoma State the following week.

Personally, I am dying to see Case McCoy complete passes to Jaxon Shipley and hopefully replicate the success of their older brothers, who earned 3 wins in 4 years against Oklahoma from 2006-2009. I have become sentimental to the point where I felt a little frustrated when Ash seemed to get more chances to perform than McCoy in the Iowa State game. But in the end, I don’t care how the Longhorns go about scoring or which QB gets the most snaps. I just want a win.

This new group of young Longhorns has much to prove and will need to do it without the help of their older brothers, literally. 
Hook’em Horns!

P.S. It’s 11:30 AM and OU STILL SUCKS!


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