Monday, October 3, 2011

The Best and The Worst Weekend

The Worst:

Dallas fans take the top spot this weekend for having the worst weekend in sports. Not only did the Cowboys once again prove to be the biggest heartbreaker in the league, but Texas A&M, which has a large fan base in Dallas, blew a large lead for the second week in a row. Even though the Texas Rangers did end up tying the series, their Game 1 embarrassment of being blown out by a rookie pitcher in his second career start was unacceptable. At least most of these fans got to enjoy the Longhorn victory.

Philadelphia came in at a strong number 2. The only good news was that Vick wasn't receiving a MRI today. They lost to a team led by Alex Smith... do I really need to say more? I know I don't but I will because clearly this is no dream team and Lebron and Company should feel disrespected for being compared to the Eagles. On top of blowing a large lead, the city of Philadelphia had to see their Phillies lose a game at home to the Cards, which means they will need to win in St. Louis to advance.

Florida rounds out my weekend's worst with the Miami Dolphins staying defeated for the season while the Florida Gators were destroyed Saturday night. The only prize they got after the game was an injured QB.

The Best:

Wisconsin fans take the top spot this week with standout performances in 3 different leagues. The Brewers have proved to be this year's darling of the MLB playoffs with the most personality and a small payroll from a small market team. They are the only team to take a commanding 2-0 lead in this year's MLB playoffs and seem to be getting better every game. The University of Wisconsin gave a warm welcome to Nebraska in the Big 10 by dominating them in every way, while the Packers continue to do what they do with an easy win over Denver (where's Tebow?) with Rodgers throwing 4 TDs and rushing for 2 more.

Detroit had a roller coaster weekend that ended much better than it started. The Tigers lost in Game 1 in a blowout, while the Lions started their game down 27-3. But that's when everything turned around. The Tigers stole Game 2 in the Bronx and the Lions stormed back to win a game that may haunt Romo for the rest of the season. Oh yeah, did I mention that one of the interceptions returned for a TD was by the one and only Bobby Carpenter, a one-time Cowboy who never got much love in Dallas.

Boston bounced back from one of the worst weeks in Boston sports history to having a nice weekend. Yes the Red Sox season is over, but it had to feel good to see the Patriots defense finally show up and seal a win over a team that just ran over their rival NY Jets. Speaking of the Jets, Boston fans also got to revel in the Jets getting embarrassed on Sunday night football and the Yankees losing in the rain.

Our Weekend:

Caleb - Perfect, with wins by the Packers, Longhorns, and Liverpool. Enough said.
Phil - A dirty win by the G-Men over the Cards, coupled with the Cowgirls and Iggles blowing 4th quarter leads, and the Tottenham Hotspur winning the North London Derby over the hated Gooners was a dream weekend for me.


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