Monday, October 17, 2011

Best/Worst Weekend Oct. 14-17

Dallas takes the top spot despite the Cowboys losing a close one in Foxborough, but to be fair, no one wins a regular season game there against the Patriots for at least the last 3 or so years. The Texas Rangers have made it back to the “ship” for the second year in a row after never being there before. This is no small accomplishment, especially coming from the league with the two highest payrolls and after losing Cliff Lee to free agency. Also, let's not forget that the Dallas Stars had a nice W this weekend.
St. Louis comes in at number 2 despite getting a butt-whipping by the Green Bay Packers, where they only scored 3 points the entire game. But when your team makes the World Series, a city seems to forget how their football team or hockey team (lost as well) is performing. This might be Albert Pujol’s last year in St. Louis, but I think Card fans will be ok if he delivers one more ring.
Tampa Bay had the only real upset over the weekend, unless you count the Bills and Lions as dominant teams in the league, which they clearly aren’t after this past week. The Bucs have proven they belong and have just made a statement that they will be competing with New Orleans and Atlanta for this division.
Detroit had by far the worst weekend as they were eliminated by Texas in humiliating fashion. They gave up a 9-run inning which basically killed their chance of keep the series alive after the 3rd inning. Not only did the Lions get beat at home and for the first time this season, their coach got in a bumping match with the winning coach after he got rubbed the wrong way.
Minnesota continues to start McNabb and continues to lose… even with the best running back in the league and one of the most explosive slot receivers in the league, the Viqueens are unable to score. Just imagine if Tom Brady had these weapons…
Washington DC finishes our top three for worst weekend. Even another win by the Caps can’t make up the smell of having Sexy Rexy (his looks are only sexy compared to how ugly his game is) as your quarterback. Rex had 4 INTs and has finally reminded the Redskins that this is indeed the same awful QB that somehow ended up in the Super Bowl against the Colts. “They are who we thought they were,” yet somehow Rex got to start 5 games this year… I know, it confuses me as well.
Our Weekend
Caleb- It was basically a draw. Packers won 6-0! and I should win both fantasy football matchups, while the Longhorns suffered another loss and Liverpool tied Manchester United. On most days, I would be very happy with a tie, but watching how the game went I was sorely disappointed that Liverpool wasn’t able to walk away with 3 points.


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