Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Best/Worst Weekend Oct. 7-9

Best Weekend

Dallas had a great weekend with two solid wins in baseball if you include last night in an emotional extra inning game. The Texas Rangers are looking more confident in every game since losing game one of the openning series verse the Rays. On top of the success on the diamond Dallas Cowboy fans enjoyed their bye watching both the Giants and Eagles self destruct. Can't argue with this one Dallas had the best sport weekend.
Boston comes in at a close second with a solid win over their rival NY Jets. Jets now have fallen below .500 and should be pretty quiet for some time. Also Boston got to enjoy an entire weekend without the Yankees who didn't make it out of the first round of the playoffs.

Oklahoma is only third becuase their fan base is divided between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State which both had huge wins to remain undefeated. Any time the Sooners get a win verse the Longhorns means its a great weekend.

Worst Weekend

Longhorn Nation (Texas)/Houston both lost but is very different ways. Texans clearly had an oppurtunity to win yet in Texans' fashion they choked at the end of the game. On the other hand the Longhorns were striaght up embarrassed.... it was painful to watch and as a Texas alumni I just wanted the game to be over by halftime. Clearly the young Horns have much to learn and hopefully they build on this lost instead of mentally falling apart.

Philidelphia sports success seems to have ended right after it had started. Just a few months ago we were talking about Dream Team and the best pitching staff ever in MLB playoff history. Now the Philles are done after losing a thrilling game 5 where we saw one of the greatest pitching duels, and the Eagles are 1-4.

New York Giants and Jets lose and the Yankees are playing golf, nothing else to say here.

Mixed Weekend

Detriot/Wisconsin both of this fan bases have 5-0 NFL teams yet both seem to be losing momentum in the MLB playoffs.

Our Weekend

Caleb- Awful... even a solid win by the Packers couldn't make up for the butt kicking my Longhorns suffered, and on top of that lost both of my fantasy football match ups...

Phil- Mixed - Yankees and Phillies got eliminated so I feel like I won the MLB World Series, Giants played like trash on Sunday. Both my fantasy teams are rolling thanks to Pierre Garcon and Jimmy "Graham Reaper".


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