Saturday, April 30, 2011

Watch out Nike... here comes China... Part 1

Every year it seems like Nike becomes more and more dominate the sports apparel market in the United States sports world. Nike in 2012 will be making all the NFL jerseys after it had already recently got the rights to the NBA jerseys.

Nike always has its first choice in which colleges and athletes they choose to sponsor.

Nike has names like Lebron, Kobe, and Durant who are the faces of the NBA. Yet slowly stars that are fading and others who are emerging like KG, Kidd, Shaq, Kevin Love, and Carl Landry have found sponsors of their own. These sponsors are just from the other side of the world.

The NBA has taken China by storm and with that comes the gigantic market and growing economy. Not only one but four Chinese companies have gone globally and have shown signs to having a large impact on sports apparel in the future.

Part 1: Li Ning
Li Ning founded by Li Ning famous Chinese gymnast winning 6 medals at the 1984 Olympics with 3 Gold. After he retired after the 1988 Olympics in 1990 he founded what is now a company that grosses well over a billion in revenues and has a large global reach.

Li Ning made statement with sponsoring Shaq in the past and now currently sponsoring both Baron Davis and Evan Turner.

Evan Turner:

Although Evan Turner has not had great success in his rookie season there is still a lot of potential and low risk investment for Li Ning. I believe Chinese companies are realizing that many different players can be marketable and by finding young players that might not have the large companies like Nike or Adidas approaching them.

Baron Davis:

Although many of us here haven't paid much attention since Baron basically took over verse Dallas in the 2007 playoffs, clearly Li Ning believes they can market and sell Baron to the global market.

Baron now has multiple shoes, shirts, and even action figures featuring his Mr. T look that seems to have caught on in the Chinese market where a BD beard is a rare as soccer fans in the United States.


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