Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First thoughts on NBA Playoffs

It is clear that this year we see the beginning of change in the NBA. There is a strong contrast between the future of the NBA and the old guard trying for a few more deep playoff runs. Older teams like Boston, LA, and San Antonio have finally shown signs of being caught by father time, while the young Bulls, Thunder, Hornets, and Grizzlies have been impressive. Its amazing how most of the rosters of these 4 teams could all still have played in the NCAA tournament this past March.

When looking at the playoff landscape we have many stars who are viewed past there prime like Tim Duncan, KG, Kobe, Paul Pierce, Jason Kidd, Dirk to name a few. And many who are still in there early 20s like Durant, Rose, Westbrook, Noah, and Rondo. Only Miami and NY seem to have their main players in there prime. Clearly NY did not have the supporting cast or the health to compete, but this brings up the question is the window for the Heat starting to close before it has even opened.

I have always viewed the draft class of 2003 as one of the greatest drafts of all time. Yet 8 years after the draft only one of the top 5 picks has a Championship ring. Right now some could make the argument Lebron and Carmelo Anthony would make the top list of best NBA players without a ring. But what if the Heat fail to win this year, that will be one more year for Rose to become Jordan like in Chicago, for Durant and Westbrook to become the best 1 2 punch in the league at the age 23.

I'm excited to see how things play out, and the Hornets and Grizzles have made it clear they don't care how many rings you have or that the 1st seed is suppose to beat the 8th seed. Chris Paul said it all with his quote after game 4 verse the Lakers:
"He would do me the same way. It's all in fun, but it's our livelihood. I don't care if my mother was on the court. I'd hit her, too."
See you in round 2!


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