Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eddy Curry

A high draft pick, with great size, strength, and touch around the basket. Eddy Curry was built like the ideal center and a coach’s dream providing the opportunity to just dump to ball inside the paint for an easy two points. Eddy Curry was on the rise in Chicago until he started dealing with heart problems that led to Chicago unwilling to play him and forced to trade him to the New York Knicks.

To be honest New York was most likely the worse situation for Eddy, IsiahThomas was running the team to the ground, there was no winning attitude. Marbury seemed to have a falling out with everyone around him. As a knick fan this past decade still brings me nightmares, I had even let myself hope that two similar players like Eddy and ZBo could play together in the same front court or that maybe Jerome James would be decent after his playoff run the year before. The years Eddy was in NY there was no positive atmosphere, no meaningful games to motivate Eddy especially when it came to staying in shape.

Injuries and personal problems with past employees and then eventually money problems sent Eddy is a fast downward spiral. Eddy became a joke, there was always rumors of him working out in Chicago with a special trainer, him losing 50 pounds but refusing to play in the summer league. Yet every year he was out of shape and with all the extra weight a knee or hamstring injury always followed. I got used to seeing Eddy is a suit and when he did make it on the court I was shocked to see howsimilar Curry looked like a Umpa lumpa which is some feat for a guy almost 7 feet tall.
I really hope the Eddy Curry story does not end like this. Everyone hopes for an American dream, just like we enjoy watching John Daly in his colorful pants show up once in a blue moon and show us that a washed up overweight golfer can still do it. I hope Eddy's career with the Knick was only that middle low before he rises back up even if that means its with the hated Heat.

Hey you never know it could happen.


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