Monday, August 27, 2012

GCAS League: Fantasy Football Pre-Draft

Tonight is Gym Class All Stars' first annual fantasy football league draft! We will have posts on everything that takes place in the league, starting with post-draft analysis to the expected terrible trade proposals and waiver wire pickups. All trash talking and team name changes will be dissected and analyzed for the world to see on a weekly basis.

We will be doing a standard 12-team live snake draft with position being determined randomly. Standard scoring per with 15 player rosters: 1 quarterback, 2 running backs, 3 receivers, 1 tight end, 1 kicker, 1 defense, and 5 bench spots.

This year's players and team names:

Albert Nguyen - Football #4
Jen - TsouFresh&TsouClean
Andrew Chow - The Chowquistadors
Norman - Winter is Coming
Zhan - SlideVickSlide
Jonathan Mok - Mok
Jonathan Lau - Blue Barracudas
Phil Vuong - Summer of Gronk
Steve Wang - Chad Ocho Chinko III
Peter Wang - Guild Wars 2 is GOTY
Andrew Leu - Cant Leus
Caleb Li - Flying Turtles

Most Boring Team Name: It has to be a toss up between Football #4 and mok, and since Alby just got a new job and Mok was complaining about not having anything to do at work after the Olympics ended I will go with Team Mok.

Best Use of NFL Player's Name: 
Since Vick will never learn to slide (much to the dismay of Eagles' fans like Zhan), and Chad Johnson is currently unemployed, winner by default is Team Summer of Gronk. Hopefully (or not so hopefully if you are one of the other 11 owners), the Gronk is done with his summer partying and zubaz pants.  

Best Pun: 
Chowquistador is a classic that goes back many years for Chow, and love the incorporation of Friday Light Nights in Leu's Team name Cant Leus. However, I have never played in a league with Jen, so I will go with Team TsouFresh&TsouClean

Pre-Draft Favorites:
Jonathan Mok, Albert Nguyen, Jonathan Lau, and Phil Vuong. Mok has proven over the years to always be in the mix, and consistency in fantasy should never be underrated. Alby is the current champion of a keeper league that includes GCAS regulars Mok and Peter Wang, and a title like that puts a target on his back in our league as well. OG JLau is an absolute fantasy monster, and you know his team will feature as many Patriots as possible.  He would draft Belichick if he could, and there might be a Kevin Faulk sighting.  Phil used to work at ESPN and has honed his fantasy football skills playing against some of the best the worldwide leader has to offer, so we're actually pretty sure he'll finish dead last.

Note: this league is not for cash and is solely for glory and bragging rights. In fact, the winner will be declared the Lord of all Gym Class All Stars and will be praised and heralded by the people forever, or at least until next season.

P.S. There might be a mystery gift from the Commish -- check back soon for the draft results.

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