Thursday, May 3, 2012

That Time I Met: Case Keenum

Did I ever tell you about that time I met Case Keenum?

It was November 1, 2009, and the University of Houston football team chaplain was speaking at FBCC Focus service.  In the midst of a sermon upstairs in the Encounter service, I caught wind that QB Case Keenum had tagged along as well, so after the benediction, I strolled downstairs expecting to see a man whose mere presence would command fear in the hearts of an NCAA secondary.

But to be honest, Case did not exude intimidation and swagger like I thought he would.  He looked bigger and tougher on film than in real life.  He just seemed like a typical nice guy.  He was down-to-earth and friendly enough to chit chat and take pictures with fans and randoms who likely had no idea who he was.

Luckily, I had Peter’s relatively new football in the trunk of my car, so I fished it out, got Case to sign it, and snuck in a hook ‘em during the photograph.  (For those who are wondering, we continued to play with the football, and there is now not a shred of evidence that Case Keenum ever came in contact with it.)

A lot has happened in the 2+ years since that meeting, and our fates have been eerily similar.

We both suffered severe knee injuries.  I disclocated my knee cap and spent six months rehabbing.  Case tore his ACL during the Cougars’ third game against UCLA and missed the rest of the 2010 season.

We both got married.  Case tied the knot in June 2011.  I jumped the broom in July 2011.

We both rep that red, white, and that blue.  I’ve been a Houston Texans fan since David Carr embarrassed the Dallas Cowboys in the franchise’s first ever game in 2002.  And earlier this week, after Case went undrafted, he agreed to a contract with the Texans.

I’ve been following Case Keenum’s career over the past few seasons, and while I’m not claiming to be his biggest fan, I’ve had multiple discussions with coworkers about how he would be a great fit in the Texans system.  Assuming we can shore up the offensive line and find somebody to replace the immense void that Jacoby Jones will leave behind (sarcasm), our offense looks poised to yet again put up some big numbers.  And if somehow, God forbid, history repeats itself and we have our starting quarterback and backup quarterback go down, it’d be intriguing to see what Case Keenum could step in and do with these weapons.

Of course, I’m getting way ahead of myself.  Welcome to the team, Case, but no offense: I hope you don’t sniff even a minute of playing time next year.  Then maybe, just maybe, we will both be sporting Houston Texans Super Bowl Champion T-shirts next year (no jinx).


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