Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The NBA: Where Speed Dates, Odd Jobs, and Handshakes Happen

In anticipation of going to my first Celtics playoff game on Friday (interestingly, tickets were less than half of what I paid to see Linsanity), here are a couple of my favorite video clips featuring players in the post-season:

Landry Fields: I guess Fields and some guy no longer on the Knicks had a short-running video series last year. The funniest ones were of their speed dating adventures:

Blake Griffin and Metta World Peace: Produced for last year’s ESPY Awards, this clip shows us what athletes do during a lockout.

More Kevin Love- Okay, so the T-Wolves didn’t make the post-season this year and Love was recently voted by his peers as one of the dirtiest players in the NBA, but these were too good not to include. First, watch this: 

Dude. That’s a pretty bad handshake, right? How do you even recover from that? By making this video:

Y'all have any other good clips? Let me know in the comments!

Photo and videos courtesy of NBA FrontPage and YouTube


If you bought those $35 tickets off of stubhub last week, I'm gonna be so mad at you... I took too long to decide to buy them and before I had the chance, someone snatched them!!! grrr haha... have a great time at the game! =)

I bought 'em on Tuesday for a little more. Also, you were thinking about going to the game? I'm going to out you as a closeted Celtics fan to all our friends who are Lakers fans!

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