Sunday, December 9, 2012

Party Foul: Boxing - Manny Pacquiao v. Juan Manuel Marquez

Back in June, when Manny lost to Timothy Bradley in a controversial decision by the judges, everyone was mad at the sport of boxing. Talks of fixing fights and corruption became rampant and the sport was taking a huge hit. Tonight on the other hand, when Manny lost to Juan Manuel Marquez in a shocking knock out, there is no one to blame other than Manny Pacquiao himself. There was no need to go to the judges for this one.

At his core, Marquez is a counter puncher -- with that being said, JMM caught Manny with absolutely the perfect shot. Manny moved in right as Marquez was cocking his right hand. The vicious blow not only stunned the crowd, but it literally put Pacquiao to sleep for a good minute where he was laying face down on the canvas. Not only did Marquez get the revenge he sought after due to what happened to him during their previous three bouts, but tonight may have punctuated the end of both of their careers.

In a fight where Manny was actually winning, he simply got caught with the picture perfect counter punch. That happens in fighting. The three judges all had Manny leading the fight 47-46 as the 6th round was concluding.

I am still in shock as I type this up. Wow.

There was only 2 seconds left in the round.

Manny has never been knocked out like that. Ever.

----> Check out this great GIF of the knock out: Down. Goes. Manny.

Total Punches Landed
Pacquiao - 94
Marquez - 52

Power Punches Landed
Pacquiao - 68
Marquez - 41

Juan Manuel Marquez landed only 21% of the punches he threw during the 6-round fight.

Manny Pacquiao falls to 54-5-2, losing consecutive fights for the first time in his career.

Pacman is done.

Mayweather v. Pacquiao is done.

Boxing is done.

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